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Put your hands together for our Employee of the Year, Debbie Moore

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Put your hands together for our Employee of the Year, Debbie Moore. Our Division Support Coordinator assigned to operations has been instrumental to this agency for years. Her job duties are almost always running in the background of the agency, and her work touches all its departments.

Debbie handles the Honor Guard’s training and scheduling, which is no small task for the group which travels the country and represents ODOC during times of grief and celebration. Our guard represents the utmost in appearance and professionalism, and that’s in no small part due to Debbie’s work.

She also manages our staff uniforms, a monumental undertaking given how large and widespread ODOC is. She works tirelessly to manage a stream of daily purchasing duties touching every corner of the agency.

Ms. Moore is also heavily involved with large group purchasing when it takes place, and she is instrumental in helping manage the agency’s current maintenance bond. On top of all that, she volunteers with the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation and her church.

Director Joe Allbaugh, Employee of the Year - Debbie Moore and Chair Board Member Frank X. Henke, IV
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