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ODOC statement on death penalty protocol development

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Our agency has been deluged by questions from reporters about the supposed existence of a “deadline” in July for developing the state’s death penalty protocol for nitrogen hypoxia. 

To be clear, ODOC Director Joe M. Allbaugh stated during a news conference with Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter in March, “I’m hoping to have something of a preliminary fashion in the next 90 to 120 days.” 

At no point in the press conference nor since then has ODOC discussed or set any deadline. 

As we have said multiple times - we continue to work with the Attorney General’s Office on developing a protocol that provides for an effective and humane method of execution. 

Such work is important and detailed; and its results must stand up in court. 

We reserve the right to develop a protocol that is befitting for this state – and not the news media’s schedule. 

For more information on this statement, please contact Matt Elliott, ODOC spokesperson. 

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