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ODOC staff win 2017 State Charitable Campaign's "Largest Percentage Increase" trophy

Friday, March 30, 2018

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Department of Corrections staff won 2017’s State Charitable Campaign award for “Largest Percentage Increase.”

ODOC staff raised $6,408.43 for the State Charitable Campaign last year, blowing away by more than 166 percent 2016’s total of $2,408.28.

Mandated by state law, the SCC offers a convenient, accountable way for state employees to give to nonprofit organizations.  

Each year, state employees give more than $500,000 to more than 160 Oklahoma nonprofits through the campaign.

ODOC staff gave to a wide range of charities supporting a host of causes, from the Allied Arts Foundation to the Homeless Alliance to Integris Hospice.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections SCC Team

The agency’s SCC team that led the successful effort consisted of Margie Weaver, Assistant General Counsel; Shawna Ranells, Placement Officer; Tia Parker, Placement Officer; Brittney Gilleland, Placement Officer; Michelle R. Pletcher, Placement Officer; and Patti Ormerod, Human Resources Manager.

Tyler Lenz, shown on the far left in the image above, is the United Way of Central Oklahoma’s Director of the State Charitable Campaign.

Great job, everyone!

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