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ODOC staff: Giving back and having fun

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Brandi Graham-Martinez racing her Camaro at eh Kiamichi Mountain Speedway.

Our staff come from all walks of life and backgrounds. One commonality is they all like to give back to their state and have a little fun, too. 

No one is a better example than Brandi Graham-Martinez. 

Howard McLeod Correctional Center employee Brandi Graham-Martinez standing in front of the McLeod badge.

By day, the Material Management Specialist helps manage inventory at Howard McLeod Correctional Center’s warehouse outside Atoka. 

At home, she’s a mother of five, three of whom she and her husband, HMCC Tool Control Officer and Sgt. Rique Martinez, just finished adopting. 

She’s also known in the area as a monster on the track at Kiamichi Mountain Speedway. 

On Saturdays, you’ll see her Camaro tearing up the track, including last weekend, when she took second in her heat at the course. 

Brandi gives 110% whether at work, being a mother, or throwing up dirt on the track on the weekends, and this agency is lucky to have her on the team, helping HMCC run smoothly. 

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