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Two DOC honor guard members will participate in NC correctional officers memorial services

Friday, October 20, 2017

The daily danger our brothers and sisters in the corrections business face defies explanation - but their courage merits our deepest respect. We salute our staff, and the staff of our fellow departments across the country, who do their jobs selflessly each day, protecting their communities, fellow staff and the inmates sentenced to their custody - all for little thanks or pay. (Priority is important – communities first, fellow staff second, inmates last).

To do honor to this commitment, DOC is sending two of its own to join Honor Guard members from North Carolina and around the county to pay our respects for two North Carolina Department of Correction employees killed last week. Participating will be DOC Fugitive Apprehension Agent Benjamin Williams and Dick Conner Correctional Center Sgt. Toby Thompson.

At Pasquotank Correctional Institution, 35-year-old Justin Smith, a Correctional Officer, and Veronica Darden, 50, Correction Enterprises manager, died during an escape attempt. 10 other staff and 4 inmates were injured.

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