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Mabel Bassett Security Chief Receives Patriot Award from the Department of Defense Employer Support

Thursday, March 23, 2017

McLoud – Today, Mabel Bassett Correctional Center (MBCC) Chief of Security Treena Lorentz, received the Service Member Patriot Award from the Department of Defense (DOD) Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves (ESGR).

The award reflects efforts made by supervisors to support active duty or reserve military personnel through flexible schedules, time off before and after a deployment, caring for families and granting leaves of absence if needed.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections Director Joe M. Allbaugh congratulated Chief Lorentz on receiving the award, while reiterating the agency’s dedication to hiring and employing active duty and retired military personnel.

“I applaud Chief Lorentz for receiving this prestigious award,” Allbaugh said. “It illustrates the continued commitment the agency has for our service members. We are proud to support and employ those in uniform who risk their lives for their country. These individuals have the same service-minded attitude and will to protect the public as those who go to work for the department every day.”

MBCC Sgt. Robert Northcross nominated Chief Lorentz for the award. Chief Lorentz is a 14-year veteran of the DOC, starting as a correctional officer and working through the ranks. She has spent her entire career at MBCC, aside from one year she spent at Joseph Harp Correctional Center in Lexington.

Chief Lorentz said the award is an honor and blessing she was not expecting.

“I appreciate the nomination from Sgt. Northcross and the selection by the ESGR and the DOD,” Chief Lorentz said. “The announcement came at a pleasant surprise. I couldn’t do this job without the hard work and dedication of my colleagues, co-workers and the great leadership from Warden Aldridge. I couldn’t ask for a better support system.”

Presenting the award was Paul Ray, the southwest Oklahoma area chair for the ESGR. He said although one person is receiving it, the award is a reflection on the entire agency and the individuals who support one another on a daily basis.

“When you’re a reserve service member sitting in a foxhole in Afghanistan with your life in danger, the last thing you want to worry about is if your job back home is going to be there when you return,” Ray said. “That is why it is critical for the ESGR to continue to foster relationships with agencies like the Oklahoma DOC, who support our American heroes at home or abroad.”

MBCC Warden Debbie Aldridge said it is an honor to employ members of the Armed Services and she will continue to ensure her facility will continue to support their mission.

“Chief Lorentz works hard and puts in many hours as my security chief,” Aldridge said. “No one is more deserving of this than she is. She is a great example of professionalism and someone who treats each member of the staff at MBCC like family. I am honored to have her at my facility.”

For more information on the Patriot Award, click here.

Presenting Patriot Award

Southwest Oklahoma Chair for the ESRG Paul Ray presenting MBCC Security Chief with the Patriot Award today with her colleagues.

ESRG Paul Ray, Warden Debbie Aldridge, Chief Lorentz

Southwest Oklahoma Chair for the ESRG Paul Ray (left) speaking to Warden Debbie Aldridge (right) after presenting Chief Lorentz (middle) with the Patriot Award.

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