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Media Relations

The Public Relations Office manages all internal and external communications related to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to educate and inform the public, media and employees. The office strives to provide timely and accurate information through the use of media relations, electronic communications and publications.

Kay Thompson
Chief of Public Relations


  • Media representatives wishing to interview inmates incarcerated within the Oklahoma Department of Corrections should submit a request by email to
  • All requests must include the media representative’s name and contact information, including an e-mail address and phone number. The request should also include the inmate's name, ODOC number and interview topic.
  • Media representatives must send correspondence in the form of a written letter to the inmate requesting the interview.
  • Inmates must agree in writing prior to the interview. An agreement via phone conversation is not an acceptable agreement. The agreement must be in writing and provided to the ODOC public relations office.
  • Interviews with ODOC inmates may be scheduled weekdays during business hours with the permission of the facility warden and the Public Relations office.
  • Request for interview dates must be submitted at least one week prior to the date of the media representative’s desired visit. The media representative must provide at least three different dates and times to the Public Relations office to avoid a scheduling conflict.

  • Media representatives will have one hour to interview an individual inmate. Interviews with multiple inmates at the same time will adhere to the same time constraints.
  • A reasonable amount of time will be allowed for camera crews to set up equipment. This set-up time is not considered part of the hour granted to the media representative.
  • All interviews will take place in a location determined by the facility.
  • Requests to interview correctional officers, wardens, or other members of the staff at the facility must be agreed upon by the individual ODOC employee.
  • No other photos or video footage may be taken in or outside the predetermined interview location unless agreed upon by the warden or communications representative present from the ODOC.
  • Crews are limited to no more than four people and two cameras. Each crew member must have a valid driver license, passport or other official form of photo identification in order to enter a unit.
  • Media representatives must declare all personal property to officers at the facility before entering. If items are deemed contraband, the items must be taken outside or thrown away.
  • The following items are allowed in the media representative’s possession: recording devices, wireless microphones, notepads, writing instruments and camera equipment.
  • All equipment will be searched upon entering the facility.
  • It is recommended media representatives arrive at the unit at least 30 minutes before the scheduled interview time.
  • Everyone entering the facility will be subjected to a pat-down security search.

  • Families, spiritual advisors and other individuals on an inmate’s personal visitation list are not permitted to be present during media interviews. Likewise, media representatives are not able to accompany any of these individuals on personal visits.
  • Media representatives may not be listed on an inmate's visitation list if they wish to be recognized as media by the public relations office.
  • A media representative who is placed on an inmate's personal visitation list is not allowed to visit that inmate as a media representative.
  • The organization affiliated with the media representative placed on the inmate’s personal visitation list are also not allowed to visit the inmate.

More detailed projects, where the organization is looking to obtain facility access, should be negotiated with the public information manager.

Failure to adhere to the agency's media policies and/or guidelines may result in removal from the facility. Such failure may also jeopardize the organization’s ability to conduct future interviews at ODOC facilities.

Questions about the ODOC media policies may be directed to

All available public data on Oklahoma Department of Corrections inmates is available for download here. (Zip file DOC Offender Data 04.06.2024)

Standard database management software is required to use the material. Selecting the link below takes you to a site where several .dat and .txt files are available for download.

Your download should begin once you have selected the above link. The files, which will arrive in a zip folder, are large, so it may take time before the download finishes.

Data available to the public includes inmate names, sentences, reception dates, status, et cetera. No private information, such as health records, social security numbers, or inmate banking information, is included.

If you have any questions about the data, please contact Lisa Burlingame, Administrator of Systems Quality Management, at 918-581-2465 or

Progress Reports per 57 O.S. § 521

Last Modified on May 08, 2024