CareerTech Testing Center

Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting

What do I do if the testing system won't display or is blocked?

Consult with your IT staff to make sure the URL’s you need to access are approved and that firewall filters list these as “trusted sites”.

More information on this is available in the System Requirements and Recommendations.

Can we administer tests on a wireless internet connection?

Technically, yes. However, due to the fluctuating signal strength, we recommend that you avoid using Wi-Fi for testing.

I have not received my welcome email and I ordered more than two days ago. What do I do?

Check your spam folder in your email for emails from or If you cannot locate emails from either of these domains, please contact the CTTC at 405-743-5192 or 405-743-5407 or

I am trying to download the student test tickets and it's not working.

Chances are, your browser is set to block pop-up windows. The steps to correct this depend on the browser you are using. Please refer to the appropriate document.

Internet Explorer      Mozilla Firefox

I have a student on an IEP who needs extra time to take the test.

Assessments are not timed. However, you will need to work with your IT staff to make sure network security settings will permit a connection to a website without activity for the amount of time the student will need for testing.

I have a student on an IEP who needs the assessment read out loud. Is this allowed?

Yes, assessments may be read to students. However, since questions are randomized, each student must have the exam read to him/her individually.

My login information is not working. What do I do?

  1. Always make sure you are trying to login to the correct site by using links through our website. For example, to access reports, go to, click on Reports and then LOGIN TO REPORTING SYSTEM.

  2. Make sure you are entering your username and password correctly and that you are using the correct login for the system you are trying to access. Remember: Login information is case-specific.

  3. Use the “Hint Table” below to make sure you are using the correct login for the system you are trying to access.

“I am a/an…”

“I’m trying to…”


Site Administrator

Submit rosters via sFTP

First part of email address  (before the @ sign)

8 alphanumeric characters
(provided in Welcome Email)

Download Student Logins via sFTP 

Print Certificates  via sFTP


Take a Test

Generic login from test ticket

6 alphanumeric characters from test ticket

The student has logged in but there are no tests available.

This could be a couple of things: The student’s testing schedule has expired or the student has already accessed the assessment. Contact the CTTC for assistance at (405)743-5407 or (405) 743-5192 or

When students are testing, is there any way to make the font larger?

Yes, font size can be modified by clicking on the “A” icon in the upper right corner of the assessment screen, as shown in the graphic below.