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New video series gives deeper view into State of Oklahoma technology services

Tuesday, January 17, 2023
By Destiny Washington and Christa Helfrey

Individuals and organizations across the globe are more dependent than ever on technology solutions, and state government is no exception. With citizens accessing state services online at an unprecedented level, it is crucial that state IT teams constantly innovate technology resources to serve people in need.

That mission is something the State of Oklahoma’s Information Services team takes to heart. This group of IT professionals expertly manages the statewide technology initiatives that enable state agencies to deliver critical citizen services for all of Oklahoma.

Most people don’t realize that Oklahoma’s technology team has become one of the most advanced state IT enterprise groups in the nation, and we are excited to take viewers behind the scenes of what they do in a brand-new video series called "Let’s Talk About I.T."

This interview-style series will examine the work of Oklahoma’s state IT leaders and employees, explore the latest modernizations happening in the state, and deliver technology tips and resources directly to state customers to help improve services to Oklahomans.

Check out our series teaser below and stay tuned for episode one launching next month.

Have ideas on what you want to see on the show? Please email Destiny Washington at

Last Modified on Jan 26, 2023