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Oklahoma recognized as 2022 Government Experience finalist

Monday, October 24, 2022

The Center for Digital Government named the State of Oklahoma a finalist in Overall State Government Experience for the sixth-annual Government Experience Awards on Sept. 15. The awards recognize the achievements and best practices of states, cities and counties that are radically improving the experience of government services through reimagined websites, mobile-friendly applications and accessible digital resources. The Office of Management and Enterprise Services, Oklahoma’s central services agency, has played a leading role in exploring and adopting service delivery solutions that align with the evolving needs of modern citizens.

“Our team should be proud of all we’ve accomplished,” said Joe McIntosh, senior director of Application and Data Services at OMES. “It’s amazing to be recognized for all of our efforts. We will continue to improve the experience of our services for Oklahoma.”

OMES has partnered with other state agencies to elevate the constituent and customer experience in our state to ensure Oklahomans get the services and resources they need quickly and easily.


Oklahoma’s Open Data platform is one example of how we’ve improved government experience and accountability over recent years, providing access to information and metrics on government activities and use of taxpayer dollars. Anyone can visit the website to peruse data around general state revenue, our annual comprehensive financial reporting, state travel expenditures, purchase card transactions, medical marijuana revenue and more. It was launched in a span of just 60 days through coordination with supplier OpenGov and has contributed to Oklahoma’s rise to top ten in the nation for financial transparency.


The state’s first shared-data platform is another important accomplishment being built out to improve customer experience. Created through a partnership with Google, the cloud-based system makes it easier for state government to meet citizens’ specific needs and informs state leaders on how to best tackle some of our biggest challenges – from the COVID-19 pandemic to how Oklahomans receive various resources.

This platform opens up a world of possibilities and efficiencies for the State of Oklahoma as a service provider. It connects individual state agencies that offer complimentary services, from food benefits and school attendance to mental health and driver’s license support, for a proactive approach unlike anything the state has delivered before. The hub-and-spoke data sharing style allows agencies to work together to improve lives of Oklahomans and give the citizens control of their data while ensuring all information is protected and secure.

Being honored as a finalist underscores Oklahoma’s accelerated digital transformation, commitment to human-centric service delivery and relentless desire to achieve bigger and better outcomes for citizens across the state.

Last Modified on Oct 24, 2022
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