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OMES improves state project transparency with real-time dashboard

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

By Destiny Washington and Christa Helfrey

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services continues to support a more efficient and transparent state government through upgrades from the Enterprise Program Management Office. EPMO, a team that helps other state agencies facilitate and manage IT projects, recently completed a new integration between the EPMO dashboard with ServiceNow, the state’s job ticketing system and project portfolio, to provide immediate updates on projects.

Real-time visibility is crucial for project managers, business partners, leaders and citizens to monitor project status and identify and resolve critical issues. The latest upgrade helps complex projects stay on schedule and on budget, ultimately leading to better service for state customers

In 2022, the EPMO team introduced a new process for projects, where customers provide information via ServiceNow. That information is then automated and sent directly to project stakeholders. From there, the EPMO team obtains estimates, supplier contracts, signed statements of work and resource assignments.

With the recent integration, data will now come directly from the ServiceNow platform and update the EPMO dashboard.

“We are increasing transparency by 100% with these new enhancements,” said Julie Dostal, enterprise programs director. The dashboard can be found on the Performance Improvement Graph (PIG) and the projects website.

Due to the expansion of available information like transparency in budget, schedule and overall project issues, state leaders and citizens, alike, will never have to question what’s going on with an IT project.

What’s new on the EPMO dashboard?

The updated EPMO dashboard increases transparency and expands real-time self-service status reporting. New features include a simplified layout, color-coded project health status, expanded budget cost reporting and more. For a full walk-through of these updates, watch the video below.

Benefits of the EPMO dashboard

Dostal says the OMES data team was critical in bringing this enhanced dashboard to life by utilizing new ServiceNow API tools, data field mapping, design and layout.

Because of the data team’s efficiency and mission to get stuff done, state agencies are reaping the benefits. Isaac George, chief technology officer for Service Oklahoma, says the EPMO dashboard is now in an easy-to-consume format.

“One of our biggest issues was keeping track of all the post-implementation reviews that were submitted, and what the status of each one was,” he said. “Once Dostal revealed they were now being tracked in the PIG, it was easy to find and navigate. It’s helping us stay on top of our reviews.”

Oklahoma agencies and employees are noticing the new features and are excited to use them in everyday tasks. Cynthia Shackleford, enterprise programs manager for OMES and DHS, says the dashboard makes every aspect of managing projects easier.

“Thanks to this tool and its availability to others, it allows agency leaders to see what’s happening and allows them direct visibility into projects,” she said.

The EPMO team continues seeking ways to deepen transparency and better serve customers by providing strategic plan, portfolio and program road map reporting.

It’s inevitable that initial plans for projects may be modified and updated as they progress, but this public-facing dashboard provides Oklahomans with direct access to everything they need to know with a click of a button.

Last Modified on Apr 26, 2023
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