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DRS and the Oklahoma School for the Deaf

Wendi O'Connor, Senior: I like being a student here at OSD because it is really easy for me to communicate with other people.

Voice over (VO): The Oklahoma School for the Deaf in Sulphur provides educational services to students who are deaf and hard of hearing, free of charge.

Students may live on campus during the week, commute from home, attend satellite schools or participate in summer school programs.

Ross Price, 7th Grade: It’s better here. It’s more fun. The communication. Everything is cool. They have games, basketball, baseball. We have lots of fun. I really enjoy it. It’s better than before.

VO: Fully accredited educational programs and support services address students’ intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth.

Roxy Stallings, Sophomore: I came here. I am just happy. I think it’s a good thing for me.

VO: The Oklahoma School for the Deaf offers free early intervention, evaluations and equipment distribution programs to help students attending local public schools and their families.

Staff provide consultation regarding modifications to improve learning environments.

Traci Prince, Director of Student Assessment and Program Development: Family support, we have videos, we have books that we can loan them. We have a lending library. We have an equipment program where the student can receive services for telephones. We have a children’s hearing aid program as well as a caption media program that they can access for services for their child either at home or through the public school.

Carolyne Paradiso, parent of Kathleen, OSD student: Sometimes when their in a public school setting despite the best efforts of the school they don’t always have a peer group. They don’t have a sense of community. So at OSD that’s one thing they get – is a community. Plus they still have a tie to home and that’s real important.

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