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The Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (OLETS) is the computer network that connects public safety agencies across the state to criminal histories, driver records, and other databases. OLETS has approximately 10,000 users within the Criminal Justice Community statewide.

OLETS provides intrastate interconnectivity for criminal justice agencies to various local, state, and federal database systems.  OLETS links with the International Justice and Public Safety Network, NLETS (formerly the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System), which facilitates exchange between criminal justice agencies across the state of Oklahoma to their counterparts in other states, Canada, Interpol, and others. 

The OLETS Network Operations Center Specialists work around the clock to maintain the network, troubleshoot problems, and provide direct guidance to end-users in the field.  OLETS Compliance Specialists train and audit agencies and users on laws, policies, and practices regarding system access and usage.

OLETS assesses the following monthly fees for system use:

$350 – Full Access Terminal
$25 – Query Only / Light Access Terminal
$5 – Mobile Data Terminal
$25 – Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Server

Contact Us:

3600 North Martin Luther King Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

(405) 425-2253



Last Modified on Jun 21, 2021
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