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ODVA Women Veterans Program

Our Mission: To ensure that women veterans in Oklahoma have equitable access to federal and state veterans’ benefits and services.

What We Do:  ODVA has Accredited Women Veteran Service Representatives (VSRs) in each designated region across the state, that specialize in state and federal veterans benefits while also providing education and resources to assist women veterans throughout Oklahoma. 

Please see below to locate the nearest Accredited Women Veteran Service Representative.

Lisa M. Acevedo, MPA WVP Administrator, ODVA Legislative Liaison

Phone: (405) 522-8075
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Amber Mosley, Homeless Resource Coordinator, TAFB Resource Coordinator

Phone: (405) 523-4048
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Amelia Messenger, Oklahoma Women Veterans Program

Phone: 405-523-4020   Email Me


Guadalupe Higadera, Mental Health Service Coordinator

Phone: (918) 618-0089
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Anise Stephens, Food Resource Coordinator

Linda Turner, Service Officer

Angela Chalk, Service Officer

Catherine Meredith, Regional Manager

Catherine McBride Service Officer

Women Veterans Information & Events

Last Modified on Jan 09, 2024
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