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Seaman First Class Billy Turner Veterans Cemetery

The approximate 19-acre site is adjacent to the existing Veterans Administration Campus at Ardmore and the cemetery was developed on property currently owned by the ODVA.

Topographically, the site is ideal for implementing a cemetery and is currently open space and a grassy field. A small waterway transitions within a mapped floodplain area near the northwest corner of the action area, however neither the waterway nor floodplain area will be affected. Three alternative site designs were considered in addition to the preferred alternative. The cemetery complex includes:

  • Administration and Maintenance Buildings 
  • Committal Service Shelter 
  • 162 internments/year for a total of 1,620 over a 10-year period 
  • Columbaria – 410 niches 
  • In-ground cremains 220 – 250-500 in ground 
  • Pre-placed crypts – 1,000 PPC (1% oversized) 
  • Flag Assembly; Avenue of Flags 
  • Memorial Walk and Memorial Wall 
  • Landscaping, Irrigation, Signage, and Infrastructure 


Sara Jenkins

Last Modified on Jan 04, 2024
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