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Friday, June 03, 2022

Dear Dealers and Dealers Associations,

The Oklahoma Tax Commission has implemented a priority print schedule in an effort to pre-empt any title shortages due to supply chain issues. This process was implemented to prevent any potential title stock shortages later this year. Most titles are printing 8-12 weeks after the application for title is processed. By delaying printing, we are able to ensure title stock is available for transactions which require titles such as title transfers. Our goal is to ensure that any title that is needed to conduct a transaction can be printed within our current statutory requirements.

To accomplish this, we have implemented a priority printing job stream for green titles, all other titles are printing as expected. The green title priority print is as follows:

1.    Duplicate and Repossession titles are currently printing as expected;

2.    Titles needed to facilitate transfers of titles may be request expedited printing via;

3.    All other green titles will have a delayed print. Once we receive our shipment of title stock later this summer, we will be able to provide an estimate as to when printing will resume to normal schedules. If at any time the title is needed, the owner can visit the link above and request the title.

As dealers, we know you often need duplicate titles to complete-a title transfer. By allowing duplicate and repossession titles to print as scheduled, most of the titles needed for transferring titles will automatically be processed. We also recognize certain situations may require a different type of title to facilitate a transfer of title or a registration of a vehicle in a different jurisdiction. If another type of title is needed immediately to facilitate the transfer of a title, please take the following steps:

1.    visit;

2.    Click "Where is my title" in the bottom right hand corner;

3.    Enter the current title number and click the checkbox;

4.    Click "Request Title Print";

5.    Fill in the required information, including dealer number;

6.    Click "Next";

7.    Click "Submit"

8.    Check your email for an update as to whether the case has been approved, usually within two business days. If approved, the paper title will be processed in the next 3-5 days.

We expect to return to our normal printing schedule before the fall. All delayed titles will be printed and mailed once our pending order of title stock arrives.

We appreciate your cooperation and efforts to minimize unnecessary title requests at this time. By working together, we can ensure that title stock is available when needed to facilitate transfers of titles.

Nichole Gillett

Director, Motor Vehicle Division 405.521.2801 I

Oklahoma Tax Commission Oklahoma City, OK 73194

Last Modified on Jun 03, 2022
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