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We are pleased to announce that our office has moved to a new location. 

Our new address is: 301 NW 63rd Street, Suite 500 Oklahoma City, OK 73116-7921

Mission Statement

We collect, protect and grow assets to provide a secure retirement income for public education employees.


  • Provide quality service to our members in an efficient, economical manner,
  • Provide our members on-demand and accurate access to their personal financial information,
  • Educate our members about their retirement benefits,
  • Manage the assets of the plan competently and prudently while achieving long-term risk-adjusted net returns in excess of market benchmarks as identified in the Board's Investment Policy, as well as exceeding the actuarial assumed return, and
  • Inform our members about the financial status of TRS so they will be confident in our ability to provide their benefits.
Last Modified on Dec 22, 2020
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