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About Us

The Teachers' Retirement System of Oklahoma was created by an act of the Oklahoma Legislature in 1943 after citizens amended the state constitution allowing the creation of a public retirement program for educators. TRS began operations on July 1, 1943, and began paying retirement checks to the first retirees on January 1, 1947. Membership in TRS is available to all public school employees working half-time or more. Teachers and administrators are required to be members and support staff may join voluntarily. Employees of more than 600 local school districts, career technology schools, public colleges and universities are enrolled as members of the TRS. As of June 30, 2016, TRS had 173,363 members (90,167 active contributing, 22,516 inactive, and 60,680 retired members).


We collect, protect and grow assets to provide a secure retirement income for public education employees.


  • Provide quality service to our members in an efficient, economical manner,
  • Provide our members on-demand and accurate access to their personal financial information,
  • Educate our members about their retirement benefits,
  • Manage the assets of the plan competently and prudently while achieving long-term risk-adjusted net returns in excess of market benchmarks as identified in the Board's Investment Policy, as well as exceeding the actuarial assumed return, and
  • Inform our members about the financial status of TRS so they will be confident in our ability to provide their benefits.
Last Modified on Sep 28, 2021
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