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Virtual Schools

Virtual charter schools authorized by the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board

As parents consider full-time online education for their child and examine the programs offered by the schools listed and linked below, it is suggested that they explore the following ideas and questions in making an informed decision for their child.

  1. Full-time online education requires a high capacity for independent and motivated learning without the daily face-to-face guidance of teachers or the social environment that traditional schools offer.  To be successful, the student should have a strong work ethic and the motivation needed to work consistently and independently.  Does your child possess these traits?
  2. Full-time online education requires a high degree of home support and parental involvement for student success.  A parent, or other responsible adult, must provide daily supervision to ensure the education benefit for the student.  Would there be an adult presence to provide supervision and direction for your child?

Epic Charter Schools

Epic is dedicated to providing students and families with a learning environment that can meet an individual student’s unique needs. Epic is a PreK-12 public school for parents and students seeking a non-traditional educational setting using internet-based, individualized instruction.

Grade levels served: PreK-12

EPIC Website

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E-School Virtual Charter Academy

E-School Virtual Charter Academy is the online school for high-achievers and those aspiring to be high-achieving. As a fully-accredited Oklahoma public school, E-School will push every enrollee to the edge of the their academic ability, regardless of skill-level. E-School's graduation requirements exceed state educational requirements in order to ensure our students are prepared for a successful collegiate experience.

Grade levels served: K-12

ESVCA Website

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Insight School of Oklahoma

Insight School of Oklahoma (ISOK) offers a fresh start for struggling secondary students, with an alternative education model designed to set up students for success. A team of state-certified teachers, counselors, and family support specialists provide comprehensive support programs to ensure success.

Grade levels served: 6-12

ISOK Website

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Oklahoma Connections Academy

Oklahoma Connections Academy (OKCA) is an online public school serving grades K-12. OKCA gives students the flexibility to learn at home with a curriculum that meets rigorous state education standards through a uniquely individualized learning program. Our students receive instruction from state-certified teachers, along with support from trained counselors, principals, and administrative staff, and they receive curriculum materials needed to participate in a dynamic online learning environment.

Grade levels served: PreK-12

OKCA Website

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Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy

Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (OVCA) is committed to inspiring and preparing students for academic achievement. OVCA partners with families who are interested in becoming actively involved in their child’s education to create a personalized education. OVCA students participate in teacher-led instruction in online classrooms, in addition to working independently through online and offline work.

At OVCA, students are part of a positive school culture program that includes weekly online assemblies, academic support team, regional outings throughout the state, and high school activities such as student clubs, dances, and social events.

Grade levels served: K-12

OVCA Website

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Dove Virtual Academy

The mission of Dove Virtual Academy (DOVE) is to create a safe, healthy, caring, and student-centered education community that cultivates the knowledge, character, and technology skills necessary for academic excellence, 21st century careers, and lifelong opportunity for service to others.

Grade levels served: PreK-12

DOVE Website

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Virtual Preparatory Academy

Virtual Preparatory Academy (VPA) of Oklahoma is a tuition-free online public school serving students in grades K-8 across Oklahoma. Students will feel empowered to be their best with a rich and engaging curriculum that provides a variety of activities and assessments. State-certified teachers, coaches and staff are invested in the success of every child and dedicated to providing support through their educational journey.

At VPA of OK students take a math and reading diagnostic assessment upon enrollment. The assessment tool, iReady, provides a student's learning level and informs individual instructional plans tailored specifically for the child. As the student progresses, the level of instruction adjusts to his/her skill level, with small group support provided where needed.

In addition, families receive the support of a Success Coach, with the singular focus of assisting families to succeed in a virtual school program.

Grade levels served: K-8 in the initial 2023-2024 school year with high school grade levels added in subsequent years

VPrep Website

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Last Modified on May 17, 2024
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