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Authorization Process for Virtual Charter Schools

Oklahoma Statute provides direction for the SVCSB in that it was created to have sole authority “…to authorize and sponsor statewide virtual charter schools in this state…” (70-3-145.1)

The duties of the SVCSB are specific:

  1. Provide oversight of the operations of statewide virtual charter schools in this state
  2. Establish a procedure for accepting, approving and disapproving statewide virtual charter school applications and a process for renewal or revocation of approved charter school contract, which minimally meet the procedures set forth in the Oklahoma Charter School Act. (70-3-145.3)

To fulfill these responsibilities, the SVCSB has established an authorizing process that allows the Board to sponsor schools that meet the standards for organizational capacity, financial management and academic performance. This process includes timelines and criteria for both initial and renewal of sponsorship of Oklahoma virtual charter schools. 

Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures Manual: Virtual Charter School Authorization and Sponsorship Process

Title 777 Statewide Virtual Charter School Board Administrative Rules

Secretary of State, Office of Administrative Rules, Title 777, Statewide Virtual Charter School Board Permanent Rules

Oklahoma Charter School Act

School Code of 1971

Last Modified on Apr 10, 2024
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