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Cabinets & Industries

Begin your state supplier journey at our Procurement Welcome Center, then browse 15 cabinet-level booths, connect with state leaders and learn about top projects in each cabinet area.

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The agriculture cabinet protects, promotes and regulates the agricultural resources of the State of Oklahoma. Along with the Oklahoma State Board of Agriculture, the cabinet ensures food safety, protects herd health, fosters new markets for Oklahoma’s agricultural and natural products, and manages licensing and regulation.

Blayne Arthur
Secretary of Agriculture Blayne Arthur is the state's first female to hold the position. She acts as Gov. Kevin Stitt's chief advisor on policy development and implementation related to agriculture, food and forestry.


The commerce and workforce development cabinet leads the state's economic development initiatives. It is responsible for the development and delivery of programs and services that foster growth in our communities and businesses. 

Chad mariska
Secretary of Commerce and Workforce Development  


The digital transformation and administration cabinet works across state agencies to improve performance and ensures agency accountability.

Steven Harpe
Oklahoma Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Secretary of Digital Transformation and Administration, and OMES Director


The economic administration cabinet oversees more than 20 state agencies, including the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, the Office of the State Treasurer, the Oklahoma Tax Commission, and the State Auditor and Inspector.

Jennifer Grigsby
Secretary of Economic Administration


The education cabinet oversees various agencies, boards and commissions, including the State Board of Education, College and University Boards of Regents or Trustees, Office of Educational Quality and Accountability and the State Board of Career and Technology Education.

Ryan Walters
Secretary of Education


The energy and environment cabinet plays a critical role in advising the administration on policy that encourages robust and responsible development of our natural resources, ensures clean air and clear water for all Oklahomans, and makes our state an example for others to follow.

Ken McQueen
Secretary of Energy and Environment


The health and mental health cabinet helps to make government more customer-centered in the delivery of services surrounding health and mental health.

Kevin Corbett
Secretary of Health and Mental Health


The human services cabinet is responsible for a variety of agencies, boards and commissions, including the Department of Human Services, the Office of Juvenile Affairs, Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth, the Office of Disability Concerns, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services and the J.D. McCarty Center.

Justin Brown
Secretary of Human Services


The science and innovation cabinet is responsible for advising the governor on strategic initiatives to stimulate economic growth and high-paying job creation by partnering with academia, industry and research institutions to strategically develop, market and communicate Oklahoma’s capabilities in innovation and science demonstrated by delivering measurable value to Oklahomans.

Elizabeth hutt Pollard
Secretary of Science and Innovation Elizabeth Pollard brings a strong network and wealth of knowledge around the areas of medicine, science, and the intersection of innovation to propel Oklahoma’s economy forward.


The state and native american affairs cabinet consist of all the functions of all executive agencies, boards, commissions and institutions related to Native American affairs and issues and state and tribal relations. 

Brian Bingman
Secretary of State and Native Affairs


The tourism, wildlife and heritage cabinet serves as an active and effective salesman for all of Oklahoma to grow the state and diversify Oklahoma’s economy and help brand the state as a whole.

Matt Pinnell
Lt. Gov. and Secretary of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage


The transportation cabinet works to develop a safe and efficient transportation infrastructure system across Oklahoma.

Tim Gatz
Secretary of Transportation


The veterans affairs and military cabinet is a champion for our men and women in uniform and the veterans across our state.

John Nash
Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Military


Last Modified on Oct 05, 2022
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