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Report an Administrator

We are not permitted to take anonymous reports.  To report an administrator for something they did wrong (or neglected to do), please follow this LINK to make your report.  

Tips:  Only certain things are actually violations.  Citizen reports such as these typically come from family members, residents themselves, or staff members.  If, for example, you simply don't like the way the administrator talks to you or about you, unless it's resident abuse, it's likely not a "violation" but could very well be a customer service issue which would be better taken up with their employer/supervisor.  If it's not a violation, there's very little this Board will be able to do to address the issues you raise.  The violations can be found in the Board's Rules at OAC 490, Chapter 10, Section 10-5-3(b).  

Please - do NOT use the above reporting link for making a "general inquiry" as we have proper avenues for that (follow the "general inquiry" link for such purposes).  Thank you.

This takes you to the link to LOOK UP an administrator and see some minimal data on them (usually for HR types who are considering hiring a licensee...but not a bad idea for an administrator to look themselves up occasionally as well, to be sure the system is functioning properly).  


There are times when it is required that the facility report an Administrator to us... We view that as a "Self-Report" whether it'd done by the DON, someone at Corporate, or literally reported by the Administrator themselves.  This link is where you would go to do that. 
Please, keep in mind that we need to know the status of your investigation, such as whether it's still pending, or whether the allegations were substantiated or unsubstantiated.  Those are key terms for us in this process. 

This is a lengthy explanation of these terms that are often misunderstood.  If you want to know more (administrators or the public), this link will give you a pretty thorough explanation.

Last Modified on Aug 25, 2022