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Strategic Plan

Our Board’s intention is to remain as transparent with our efforts as possible… to that end we have enabled the public to “view” our current Strategic Plan. It is a “living” document in that we track our progress on each of our goals/action plans and update them as we make progress, therefore, placing a document online such as a PDF that shows you our plan would not show you the whole picture. So, we have enabled you to log in to our Strategic Plan and look around…

To view OSBELTCA’s Strategic Plan:

• Go to:
• Username: okexaminers
• Password: okexaminers

Then click on G. Z. Thomas’ name at the top of the Organization Chart, then click on “Goals” and you will be able to view (but not edit) our plan and should have the most current information available.

For a sneak peek, our primary goals are:

  1. Meet public protection mandate
  2. Foster evidence-based change with an evolving senior living and health services continuum
  3. Collaborate with external stakeholders to advocate for the profession
  4. Financial Stewardship/Transparency
  5. Governance Structure

The primary goal of any licensure entity has to be focused on that public protection mandate.  Licensure should be much more than a paperwork exercise (though it's unfortunately viewed by too many in that paradigm) and boards like ours should not be primarily graded on how efficient their licensure processes are, but, rather, in how well they're doing their job as it relates to protecting the public by providing only truly qualified persons to perform the functions being licensed.  The efficiency of these processes should never be or become a barrier to entering any profession, certainly, but the efficiency of the process should be secondary to the purpose, every time.  And that purpose can almost always be summed up as public protection.  If the primary purpose of a licensing entity is to be based on the efficiency of its licensing process, that licensing entity has probably lost its way and outlived its usefulness.  

Last Modified on Feb 23, 2023