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Board Members

Contacting Board Members

Click on the Board Member's name to send them an email. Please do not contact them with "case specific" information as they cannot be exposed to this information prior to it being presented appropriately in the proper setting 
to afford proper due process to those involved.

As our Board Members are also volunteers, the phone number you see here goes directly to a shared voicemail account. Therefore, when leaving a message,
clearly state which Board Member(s) your message is for. The same caution applies concerning "case specific" information left by voicemail. Please do not leave such information or inquiries for Board members.  Please contact the office if you have case related questions or information to provide. Likewise, neither the email nor the voicemail provided should be used for personal communication.

Please be advised that statements made by a Board member
are not binding on the Board as a whole.

The Board can only take official action upon a majority vote in a meeting 
that complies with the requirements of the Open Meetings Act.  
Additionally, any information you provide by email or voicemail

may be subject to the Open Records Act and may be disclosed
to others as required by law.

Therefore, there is no expectation of privacy in these communications
and such communications are not confidential.

Board Members

Keith Swanson, Pharm.D, BCGP
General Public, Exp 10/31/20

Susan Barnes, PhD, RN, FCN
Vice Chair &
Rules/Legislative Committee Chair
General Public, Exp 10/31/22

Nathan Raith
Nursing Home Administrator, Exp 10/31/23

Douglas Beall, MD, FSIR, DAAPM, FIPP
General Public, Medical Professional, Exp 10/31/23

Collin Coburn
Assisted Living Administrator, Exp 10/31/22

Tracy Copp
Residential Care Administrator, Exp 10/31/23

Thomas Essex, D.O.
General Public (Medical Professional), Exp 10/31/22

Tony FullBright
Personnel Committee Chair
OKDHS Representative

Diane L. Henry
OSDH Representative

Jason Lodes
Nursing Home Administrator, Exp 10/31/22

Alan Phillips
Adult Day Care Administrator, Exp 10/31/22

Jacki Millspaugh
ODMHSAS Representative

Elizabeth Skulski
Adult Day Care Administrator, Exp 10/31/23

Susan Smith
Education Committee Chair
Residential Care Administrator, Exp 10/31/22

Jonna Warrick
Assisted Living Administrator, Exp 10/31/22

Interested in Serving on this Board?

Persons wishing to volunteer to serve on this Board (or another like it) who are qualifed
are directed to Apply for an Appointment by the Governor at

Last Modified on Oct 11, 2021