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Look Up an Administrator

It's not unusual that someone needs to look up an administrator... HR** needs to do it most frequently when they're hiring (usually to check on the status of a prospect's license or to see if there were any old issues on their license).  THIS IS THE LINK to look up an Oklahoma Administrator.  It's pretty simple to do once you get there.   You should  know their name and what kind of license (or certification) they have.  We have 5 types from which you will choose:
    Nursing Home Administrators (NHAs)
    Residential Care/Assisted Living (RCAL) Administrators
    Residential Care (RC) Administrators
    Adult Day Care (ADC) Administrators and 
    Certified Assistant Administrators (CAAs).  

* When we first stood up our new system (late 2021),  we had some issues with this function... it was showing people with NO disciplinary issues with a "Yes" in that column and vice versa for the people who do have disciplinary issues in their record.  If it says "No" in that column, there should not be any issues and if you click  on "View" you wouldn't see any issues... If it says "Yes" in that column, clicking on the "View" option should give you a very brief summary of the issue(s).  If there is any question, or if you discover an issue with how this is working (perhaps you looked yourself up and find a "Yes" where you think there should be a "No,") please call the office and talk with us about it.   It IS a good idea for administrators to occasionally look themselves up to make sure we have the record correct.  We do believe it is functioning properly now but it never hurts to have more eyes on it and when there's a problem, we actually appreciate the feedback because we want the system to give accurate information.

** If you're one of those people who frequently uses this function on our website (HR or even OSDH Surveyors...) we suggest "bookmarking" or making the NEXT page a "favorite" so you can skip all this explanation in the future...

Last Modified on Apr 27, 2022