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Public Information

Most people who find their way to this page (neither an administrator nor want to become one...) are typically looking for a way to contact the Board/Staff or to find a phone number or some way to contact us to ask a question or to look up an administrator for employment purposes or to report an administrator to us (we have a separate button for that - above and on every page).  So, that's generally what we have set this page up to link you to those kinds of things...

Our RULES are in the final throes of the process of a change proposal - the expected "Effective Date" is August 15, 2023.  The rules have been approved by both houses of the Legislature and signed by the Governor in SJR22 and we have submitted the Permanent Rules Documents to the OAR (Office of Administrative Rules) and expect them to be published in the OAR's  publication.  

Follow these links to:

A lot of our pages look like this with "topics" identified and when you click on that topic you find a little more explanation and within that explanation a link.  So, you can click on any of the topics below and see the topic open up and locate the additional link(s) there to find what you're looking for easier.  The little arrows on the right side are a hint that there's "more" underneath that topic.

Here you can see who is on our Board...

We actually took some time to develop this explanation of what we do... hope you find it educational.  If you are looking for some "history" of how OSBELTCA evolved from OSBENHA, this is a brief history lesson.  

See who is on the Board, when we're meeting, read agendas and minutes... lots of information here.  

Not finding what you're looking for, you can drop us an email (particularly after hours...).  During hours, feel free to call the office at 405-522-1616 or 405-522-1619.  

Meeting dates, training dates, testing dates... THIS is where you can find all of that information.

This link sends you in the right direction to look up an administrator (with a little more explanation on the way...) 

The OSDH (Oklahoma State Department of Health) licenses the facilities... and they used to maintain a listing of those facilities on their website...  the link was up and down so rather than having broken links on our site, we're going to link you to simply the Long Term Care at OSDH at THIS LINK.  We do get asked questions about the facilities frequently... we don't know much (we don't license them).  If/when it's a facility question (not an administrator question) please follow THIS LINK to the Health Department's information for "Long Term Care Services" and perhaps they will have information elsewhere on their website that will help you...or you can find their contact information there on that page and call or email and get answers to your questions direct from the source (but, when it's a facility issue, we are definitely not the source).  

Lots of agencies claim to be "transparent," but have you seen their Strategic Plan?  You can see ours - and we are proud of it... it's what helped us become one of the top LTC Administrator Boards in the nation!  See why!

We're small... once you've been to this page, you've met our ENTIRE AGENCY (three TWO strong)!

This is NOT for Oklahoma Applicants nor is it for Oklahoma licensees.

This service is designed especially for people and organizations to be able to use our system to pay for our services.

What kind of services?
Occasionally, ATTORNEYS/FIRMS need to request the records of administrators for legal purposes... 
Occasionally, ASSOCIATIONS need to request mailing lists from us...
Occasionally, AITs or Applicants from OTHER STATES wish to attend our NAB REVIEW SEMINARS (for example)...
And, occasionally, "FORMERLY LICENSED" Oklahoma Administrators (not Currently Licensed) need to request and pay for an Endorsement Questionnaire as well...

THIS is what allows these people or organizations to log-in to our system and PAY for those items. 
CLICK HERE FOR MORE... assuming you're in the right place!

We're really not sure why an applicant (future administrator) or a licensee (currently licensed) would be looking for FAQs in the "public information" section of our website (each of those categories of people has an entire section dedicated to their needs...), but apparently that's a thing and this is the section where some people think the most logical place to go for such FAQs would more naturally be... So, we have linked you up here to send you back to those kinds of questions... We really DO want people to find the information they're looking for - we're not trying to hide anything deep in our website but recognize that our logic may be different than

Applicant FAQs Here and

Currently Licensed FAQs Here

We do hope this is helpful for someone.

Another group of people who would visit this part of our site are CE Providers looking for the CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUEST PACKET and those sorts of things... we have a separate page with that information for you if you just follow this link.

Last Modified on Jul 13, 2023