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Temporary and Provisional Licenses Explained

This information has been paraphrased...
Refer to OAC 490, Chapters 1, 10 and 15 for the definitive requirements

TEMPORARY LICENSE: The Board approves licenses, however, the "Temporary" license is an exception. Since the Board only meets once per month (at most) and this could cause hardship for someone waiting to be employed for several weeks (a Board meeting could be cancelled for weather or other reasons...), when someone who is qualified for licensure and does not wish to wait for their license until that next Board meeting, they can apply (at their option) and the Executive Director may issue a Temporary License (there is a $200 application fee) which would expire at the next Board meeting date when the Board would review their application for the non-temporary license. A Certified Assistant is not licensed and therefore this would not apply to that "type" nor would a Provisional NHA be eligible for the Temporary license. And the Temporary License is not the same as a Provisional License.

PROVISIONAL LICENSE (for NHAs and RC/AL Administrators Only): "Provisional Licenses" expire after 6 months and are associated with a certain facility and the facility can only apply for this license once per year (from the date it is granted). It is a once in a lifetime "option" for an administrator. So, this license is associated and issued for a certain facility AND only once for an individual. General requirements must be met first, and additionally, THE APPLICANT MUST:

- have a currently licensed Oklahoma administrator (NHA Or RCAL as applicable) to serve as an on-site consultant;
    -- there are requirements for the consultant to follow (time as an administrator...) and he must provide direct supervision and submit monthly reports to the Board
- have 2 years of experience in a long term care facility; and
- have taken and passed the NHA or RCAL State Standards exam (as applicable - not necessarily the NAB exam(s));

and Current AIT and/or AU students who have not previously passed the NAB are not eligible for the Provisional License.

Before applying for this license, you should discuss the pros and cons with OSBELTCA staff.

Now that you have reviewed the qualifications and are ready to start the process, we wish you the best of luck in this endeavor and will help you all we can. Pam Duren (405-522-1619 or is the best point of contact for NHA type questions. Ginger Dean (405-522-1616 or is the best point of contact for RCAL type questions.

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Last Modified on Oct 05, 2021
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