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Endorsement Qualifications Explained

This information has been paraphrased... Refer to OAC 490, Chapters 1, 10 and 15 for the definitive requirements For LICENSURE BY ENDORSEMENT (AKA "RECIPROCITY" although a misnomer*) (only possible if you are currently “licensed” in another state…).

Endorsement is NOT currently an option for any other licensure type in Oklahoma except NHA and, as of October 1, 2018, RCAL Administrators “licensed” in other states became eligible for licensure by endorsement in Oklahoma. THE APPLICANT MUST:

-have a bachelor's degree (not required for RCAL administrators...just NHAs...);
-submit proof of current licensure, in good standing;
    -- plus proof that they've served full time as the administrator-of-record for the past two consecutive years in a jurisdiction regulated by a licensing authority; OR
    -- been active as a licensed NHA (or RCAL Administrator) in a jurisdiction regulated by a licensing authority for two of the last three consecutive years
(please don’t show us your license in State X and expect us to believe you’ve been “active” as an administrator when you’ve lived in the middle of State Z (not State X) unless you live on the border between the two and it makes sense that you could have been “active” as a LNHA…);

-submit proof of licensure which shall include their applicable NAB exam score(s)and proof of good standing;
-fully disclose any/all pending disciplinary actions, investigations or sanctionsimposed on their administrator's license(s) or any other professional license held inany other State or jurisdiction; - and documentation related to current or previouslicensure/applications from other Boards shall come directly to our Board from theproper authorities regulating the respective license(s)

A rule change effective September 12, 2014 expedited the process for MOST applicants by endorsement, such that once all application documents are received, and fees are paid, the last remaining requirement would be to pass the State Standards Exam. ASSUMING there are no negative indicators (no action by another licensing board, nothing highlighted in the background check...), the Executive Director may approve the licensure by endorsement with no need to wait until the next Board meeting. If there are ANY such issues (no matter how long ago), the application will require Board approval.

Further, IF you have NAB’s HSE qualification as a NHA, you would be applying with us for licensure by endorsement.

Now that you have reviewed the qualifications and are ready to start the process, we wish you the best of luck in this endeavor and will help you all we can. Pam Duren (405-522-1619 or is the best point of contact for NHA type questions. Ginger Dean (405-522-1616 or is the best point of contact for RCAL type questions...noting that you must be "licensed" in a state that licenses to qualify for the RCAL endorsement option; a “certification” in another state is not adequate.

* The terms “endorsement” and “reciprocity” are erroneously and frequently used interchangeably but what we're really talking about is licensure by endorsement...NOT reciprocity. IF by reciprocity (true reciprocity) there would be an agreement between states (that does not currently exist) and we would simply issue a license by seeing that you have a valid license in another state or permit you to work in our state with the license from another state (like you drive in other states with your driver’s license from another state)... THAT IS NOT THE CASE with an Administrator’s license!! So, what we're talking about is actually "licensure by endorsement" (just to be clear). And now you understand what true "reciprocity" would be and why that’s the wrong term…

This information also available in PDF

Last Modified on Oct 05, 2021
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