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Additional RCAL Licensure Qualifications

This information has been paraphrased...
Refer to OAC 490, Chapters 1, 10 and 15 for the definitive requirements


- High School diploma or GED or higher, AND
- At least one (1) year of consecutive health care experience; OR
- At least thirty (30) college semester hours in a healthcare related field of study; OR
- A Bachelor’s degree in any field of study.

- A passing score on the State RCAL Examination
    -- Applicant must provide a current training certificate from a proper/approved source of training (we publish "class dates" as they are known to us on our website...)
- The training entity let’s OSBELTCA know who is eligible to sit for the state exam (may be prior to the completion of ALL training), but they must have a valid application in OSBELTCA’s system to test (and paid the testing fees).
- A training certificate is a prerequisite to being able to sit for the NAB RCAL Exam; passing the State exam is also a prerequisite to sit for the NAB RC/AL Exam...
    -- Before granted a certificate by the entities providing this training, applicant is required to:
        --- Complete a 15 hour MAT training; OR
        --- Provide proof of CMA certification or licensure as a nurse (LPN or RN)
    -- Applicants must take and pass the NAB's CORE and RC/AL "line of service" exams...

STUDY REFERENCES for the NAB's RC/AL Exam can be found on the NAB's website...

The scope of practice for an RC/AL administrator only includes residential care and assisted living facilities. Annual renewal fees are $175.

Now that you have reviewed the qualifications and are ready to start the process, we wish you the best of luck in this endeavor and will help you all we can. Ginger Dean (405-522-1616 or is the best point of contact for RC, RC/AL and ADC questions.

This information also available in PDF

Last Modified on Oct 05, 2021
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