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Additional NHA Licensure Qualifications

This information is paraphrased...
Refer to OAC 490, Chapters 1, 10 and 15 for the definitive requirements


• the applicant must have obtained a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university;
• the applicant must complete Administrator University (AU);
    o Rare exception in Oklahoma: If you have a degree in long term care administration from an institution accredited by NAB, AU may be waived
    o Currently, we are not aware of any Oklahoma universities or colleges who have achieved this accreditation but there are several institutions in other states who have...
• the applicant must also complete the 560 hour Administrator-In-Training (AIT) program.
    o There may be some individuals who would require a 700 hour AIT program if their degree is not somehow related to one of the domains of practice...
    o IF you attended one of the NAB accredited universities or colleges, your AIT will likely transfer as well, assuming you used the NAB approved AIT Manual and NAB accredited degrees usually have a 1000 hour AIT associated with it...
    o the AIT program cannot be started until the student has started AU and must be finished within 1 year of start
    o after completion of the AIT program, the applicant must also pass both parts of the national examination (NAB) by a score of not less than 113 (75%) and the State Standards exam

There is a "Core" exam (100 questions) and a NHA specific "line of service" exam (50 questions); State Standards is 100 questions

The scope of practice for an Oklahoma NHA includes SNF/NF, ICF/MR, RC, AL, Adult Day Care facilities. Annual renewal fees are $200.

Now that you have reviewed the qualifications and are ready to start the process, we wish you the best of luck in this endeavor and will help you all we can. Pam Duren (405-522-1619 or is the best point of contact for NHA type questions.

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Last Modified on Oct 05, 2021
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