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Other Training

We generally host a "NAB Review Seminar" twice per year (late January/early February AND late July/early August are the typical timeframes for this event - but see our calendar for the next one).  

They are hosted in our Conference Room (Suite 2H) in Shepherd Mall in Oklahoma City and the cost is $300 (in advance, non-refundable).  

This is primarily for NHA candidates, however, many RCAL candidates have been better prepared for the NAB Exams by attending this (because so much of it is "Core" and applies to them as well.  It is OPTIONAL training for NHA and RCAL candidates (but a pretty good idea to help you prepare for those NAB Exams).  

With new rule changes requiring the Core Exam for ALL of our applicants, we might expect to see more people attending these seminars (Adult Day Care, CAAs, Res Care Administrators).  

Adult Day Care Training is conducted by OSBELTCA (in-house).  We don't have a great demand for it, therefore it is imperative that when people are interested in attending this training that they start the application process so we know who is ready for the class - we do NOT conduct one-on-one training so we look for enough "participation" to justify a class.  So, if this is you, START the Application process so we know who's really interested...

Last Modified on Jul 05, 2023