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Application Help

If you're ALREADY in the system (and we recently - mid-October 2021 - changed systems) AND you are NOT YET LICENSED, you will be required to ACTIVATE your account... Here's a "How To" video to help you with this ONE TIME PROCESS of activating your account.  TIP:  If during the activation process you DON'T get that temporary password sent to your email, 1) give it a few minutes (patience), 2) Check your spam or junk mail for it, and then 3) if all else fails, go on to the portal and use the "Forgot Password" option - that seems to work for most people who aren't getting that original email or can't find it.

If you're already licensed as an Administrator in Oklahoma, you're in the wrong place entirely!  Please click on the GREEN "Currently Licensed Administrators" button on any page to find help for you to access the system.  Yes, you also need to "activate" your account, but it is NOT as an applicant, but as a licensee (there IS a difference).  And, NO, this is NOT where you go to renew your license - go to that GREEN "Currently Licensed Administrators" button on any page to do these things if you're already licensed in Oklahoma.

IF YOU'RE BRAND NEW and are just making application for a license with us for the first time, you will want to watch THIS VIDEO to get some direction on how to start the process.  

Last Modified on Dec 01, 2021