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AIT (Administrator Residency) Forms

We've tried to put all of your forms here in one place...


The answer used to vary by AIT depending on their background/experience/education...after November 1, the standard is "NAB Accreditation Standards" for these programs and that would mean 1000 hours for NHAs and 500 hours for RCAL Administrators.  The Preceptor should tailor the program (using the NAB/ACHCA Training Manual materials...) to that personal professional background.  Within that AIT Manual there ARE some "recommended" number of hours that are MERELY a starting point...if the AIT is coming into this profession "cold" with no LTC background, it would be a relatively good starting point to add to and take away from the various modules depending on that experience level.  Those recommended hours also closely reflect the percentage of time in each Domain of Practice but with every AIT having their own strengths/weaknesses, having those tailorable enables you to be better prepared to become an administrator (and to pass the NAB examinations).  

When OSBELTCA Staff does the "set-up" with you the AIT and Preceptor, we sign the training permit of this document (and your one year clock to finish the AIT Program begins).  The top portion is simply a formal agreement between the AIT and Preceptor.  Click here to access this form.  

As with all of these forms, this one is one of the first ones you're going to need and it is a PDF and fillable... we want you to use that fillable piece (we don't accept hand-written forms - we cannot read them).  This form documents how many hours you are planning in each of the module and the dates that you plan to do them... it's a plan, so it can change (but please keep us updated when it changes).  Click here to download this form.  

There are 12 (twelve) modules but only ONE module report - it has a drop-down menu on it to select the actual "department" or "module" you're reporting about, but it is essentially the same report.  You'll be accessing this 12 times and changing the "title" on it accordingly.  These are due to OSBELTCA within ten (10) days of when you complete the module.  It is never a good look to send all of them in together at the completion of the program...appears to have been a pencil whipping exercise when you do that.  You can access this report here.  

The Preceptor must complete this form (AND a final narrative...) upon completion of all of the modules (AITs won't be approved to sit for the NAB exams until we have these documents).  Help your Preceptor to access that form here.  

Last Modified on Sep 06, 2023