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About State Exams

First, you need to know which State Exam you’re taking (there’s a different one for the different licenses or certification).  The number of questions for each is also different and they cover different materials.  This chart lays it out for each line of service (license type) relatively well:

We have prepared a “study packet” for each line of service (it is NOT available to our AU students – they get the material through the course of AU…) and if you are planning on taking the exam, we highly suggest you get one of these study packets ($50) as it gives you the exact regulations you need to prepare for the exam you’re taking and lists some questions that you should “look up” in that material and know the answer to.  It does give you a leg up if you use this study material and actually look up the answers to the questions posed.

The following is a collection of YouTube videos created during the time we were conducting classes virtually during the height of the Covid Pandemic.  These are from the Review for the State Examination and are still valid...  

WHICH ONES should you watch?  Depends on the State Exam you're taking (for the license you're applying for...) but here's the answer...

If you're applying for the NHA license, watch them ALL.
CAA applicants should watch Parts 1 and 2A.  They may find the other parts instructive only in the idea that it highlights some differences...
If you're applying for the RCAL Administrators license, watch Parts 1, 2B and 2C.
If you're applying for the RC Administrators license watch Parts 1 and 2C.
If you're applying for the Adult Day Care Administrators license, watch Parts 1 and 2D.

Board related stuff – Part 1 (39:30)

Health Department stuff  - Part 2

Nursing Homes/ICFs – Part 2A (1:01:11)

ALFs – Part 2B (13:27 – pretty short)

RCFs – Part 2C (16:05)

Adult Day Care – Part 2D (22:49)

We hope you find this helpful in your preparation for the state examination.

You will note that 75% is the passing score for all of our State Exams – that is by rule (law).

We typically schedule the exams several times a year for NHA/CAAs (who have 1 hour to take their exam) and RC/RCAL (45 minutes) in our conference room and the exams are administered with “paper and pencil” here.  You CAN opt to take the exam on your own schedule through a PSI Testing Center but the fee is higher.  Taking it on our scheduled time is $100.  Taking it at a Testing Center is $275.  A third (very seldom used option) is to schedule a test with us when it best suits your schedule (an unscheduled exam) but the fee for that is $500 (and probably why it’s more seldomly used).

IF you want to take the exam in a testing center, it could be less expensive for some such as endorsement applicants (coming from other states) as it may save them travel to Oklahoma City, perhaps spending the night, etc, where they could simply take the exam at a testing center near their home in another state.  Others may wish to take it sooner than we have it scheduled... This is why we have these options.  

NHA and CAA Exams are typically administered starting at 10 am on the scheduled day.
RC and RCAL Exams are typically administered starting at 1 pm on the scheduled day.
Adult Day Care Exams are typically administered in the afternoon, following the training.

Last Modified on May 23, 2023