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Future Administrators

A lot of our pages look like this with "topics" identified and when you click on that topic you find a little more explanation and within that explanation a link.  So, you can click on any of the topics below and see the topic open up and locate the additional link(s) there to find what you're looking for easier.  The little arrows on the right side are a hint that there's "more" underneath that topic.  

Here, you will find information about General Qualifications (applicable to every license and certificate we grant) and the more specific requirements for each line of service as well as information about "licensure by endorsement" as well as Provisional and Temporary licenses (which are both unusual and rare).  You need to know which license you're actually able to get before you invest too much time, effort and expense into it... our fees are non-refundable and the training and testing requirements do vary by license type.  Click here - great place to start!

AU is held twice per year and is for NHA and CAA candidates.  Following this link, you'll be able to see when the next class starts (you may want on the waiting list soon...) and look at the current syllabus to start reading up on a few things... Click here if you're applying for the NHA license or to be certified as a CAA and learn more about this unique training.  

Currently, OKALA is the only Board approved source for RC or RCAL Administrator training.  Visit OKALA's website for pricing and dates for future courses.  

We strongly recommend that you first make application with this Board...the exams  (see the calendar) are scheduled to follow training in most cases and if you're "behind" by not having started the application process, you could well miss an opportunity to take the exam.  We also suggest that you get a "study packet" at a minimum and if able.  The BEST place to start - to get answers to the most common questions is our website.  

PLEASE, do NOT take a course approved by NAB for CE and expect that to suffice for your "initial training."  Per OAC 490 (the Board's rules), all sources of certification after November 1, 2013 are required to be reviewed and approved by the Board.  NAB approves CE only - they do NOT approve initial qualification courses (and we this Board does not presumptively approve those courses - yet - though both could one day happen).  This approval in Oklahoma is solely under the purview of this Board.  Only the courses you find "here" ARE approved.  If it's not here and someone is telling you they have approval, you are warned to ASK us first (on the off-chance that our site has not recently been updated).  We are NOT obligated to accept training certification unless it was approved by this Board.

This will be periodically offered and will consist of a one day class which will culminate with a review and the State Standards Exam for licensure. Those wishing to attend need to apply through our online portal...we schedule this when we have students (not just randomly).

The BEST place to start to getting answers to your questions is on our website.

This is a one day training session but you should have the materials prior so you can read up and be prepared to participate with questions during the training.  Start the application process so we know you're out there lurking and waiting for the training date to be determined.

If you have any questions, for either of these training issues, you can (and should) contact Ginger Dean at (405)522-1616 for assistance.

DATES SCHEDULED FOR ADC TRAINING WILL BE POSTED IN OUR CALENDAR - We do not schedule this until we have a "demand" for the class.

If you're looking for training opportunities to become licensed as a Residential Care (RC) Administrator, a Residential Care/Assisted Living (RCAL) Administrator, or as an Adult Day Care Administrator, follow this link for additional information.

THIS link is NOT FOR people who have an Oklahoma LTC Administrators license already... 

This is for people who are STARTING the process to get a license OR who have a license in another state but who do not yet have a license... This is your link from the time you start applying until you are licensed.  

So, if you have an Oklahoma license already, currently, you need to go somewhere else!  Try "Currently Licensed Administrators" to find what you're looking for...

This is where (eventually) you will find "How To" videos to help you with the application process but you can also find access to the required forms here as well.  This will be worth your time to visit this page and help you through the process.  Click here.

This is also helpful for Preceptors... go HERE for more information...

We've made it easy for AITs to find the PDF (fillable) forms they need during the AIT Program by locating them in a single page (HERE).  

Go here to find some explanations about the State Standards Exams and for those who are required to take the NAB Exams, information about those as well.  

We're trying to help you find things easier!  If all else fails, give the office a call during normal business hours and we'll help you find what you're looking for and put you on the right track for the credential that's right for you!

Last Modified on Oct 11, 2021