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Preceptor Training

Please review the rules concerning the qualifications to be a Preceptor.  If you are qualified or perhaps will be meeting the time requirements in the near future and wish to be certified as a Preceptor, the best thing you can do is to CALL THE OFFICE at (405)522-1619 or send us an email .  

There have been recent changes in our Rules, too, that affect Preceptors...  Non-Administrators-of-record, for example, can be preceptors in certain conditions and did you know that you get (at least!) 3 CEUs for each AIT you complete (credit for not more than 3 AITs per year)?

BIG CHANGE in the training...
We used to conduct it in our office and charge $300 for initial training and $150 for the re-certifications.  Used to...past tense.

WE HAVE A BETTER DEAL FOR YOU NOW!  The Training is ONLINE with a nominal "subscription fee" of $15 charged (not bad for 5 CEUs...) and you do get 5 CEUs for completing all 4 (four) modules (1.25 hours each).  

Once you've completed the training, you simply need to upload the Certificates in the system and pay a $100 "application fee" and if you're qualified, you'll be approved.  A lot simpler, faster and LESS EXPENSIVE... AND we've made a video that is a sort of "How To" video that shows you how to apply.  Applying is done through the License Portal (where you renew your license annually, update your contact information, work information, etc.).  Once there, under the "License" heading, you'll find a "Preceptor Certification" link which starts you on the path to upload your CEU certificates from your completion of the training and to pay the fees and apply... it's pretty painless.  

If you need any help with it, watch the video (above link), but please don't hesitate to call us at 405-522-1619. 

Where do you go to get the Online Training... NAB's Website.  The training was put together by a Joint Task Force with NAB and the's pretty good stuff - even if you don't want to be a Preceptor, you may benefit from the training?  Here's the current direct link:

There IS an accompanying "Manual" that you really should have (and read) prior to this training...

You can find it on the NAB website...and if you're a Preceptor, this is also where you'll find the latest and greatest "AIT Manual" and within that, the "Self-Assessment tool" to help you tailor the hours for your AITs... 
And we have a video that walks you through this manual pretty well, too... here.

What are you waiting for!  Being a Preceptor will even help you to be a better administrator as you're going to learn, too.

Become a Preceptor or at least look into it!  Give back to your profession.

Last Modified on Sep 06, 2023