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Preceptor Training

Please review the rules concerning the qualifications to be a Preceptor.  If you are qualified or perhaps will be meeting the time requirements in the near future and wish to be certified as a Preceptor, the best thing you can do is to CALL THE OFFICE at (405)522-1619 or send us an email .  

There have been recent changes in our Rules, too, that affect Preceptors...  Non-Administrators-of-record, for example, can be preceptors in certain conditions and did you know that you get (at least!) 3 CEUs for each AIT you complete (credit for not more than 3 AITs per year)?

BIG CHANGE in the training...
We used to conduct it in our office and charge $300 for initial training and $150 for the re-certifications.  Used to...past tense.

WE HAVE A BETTER DEAL FOR YOU NOW!  The Training is ONLINE and it is FREE of charge (for a short time... there will be a nominal "subscription fee" of $15 charged in early 2022 which still isn't bad for 5 CEUs... and you do get 5 CEUs for completing all 4 (four) modules (1.25 hours each).  

Once you've completed the training, you simply need to upload the Certificates in the system and pay a $100 "application fee" and if you're qualified, you'll be approved.  A lot simpler, faster and LESS EXPENSIVE... AND we've made a video that is a sort of "How To" video that shows you how to apply.  

If you need any help with it, please don't hesitate to call us at 405-522-1619. 

Where do you go to get the Online Training... NAB's Website.  The training was put together by a Joint Task Force with NAB and the's pretty good stuff - even if you don't want to be a Preceptor, you may benefit from the training?  Here's the direct link: 

There IS an accompanying "Manual" that you really should have (and read) prior to this training...
You can find it on the NAB website...and if you're a Preceptor, this is where you'll find the latest and greatest "Self-Assessment tool" to help you tailor the hours for your AITs...

What are you waiting for!  Being a Preceptor will even help you to be a better administrator as you're going to learn, too.

Become a Preceptor or at least look into it!

Last Modified on Oct 24, 2021