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Continuing Education Opportunities


(see the rules...OAC 490)
NHAs:  24 CEUS
RC/AL :  18 CEUS
RC:  16 CEUS
CAAs:  24 CEUs (as a condition of employment)

IF there's a valid reason (illness, emergency, or hardship) you cannot accomplish your CEUs
prior to renewing, see OAC 490:1-9-4(g), which details HOW to apply for a waiver and WHEN you must do it...

The Board acts on such requests on a case-by-case basis.
Not being able to attend a convention is typically not going to measure up as an emergency or hardship because you CAN get your CEUs online...

Since this question comes up a lot these days...
The Board does not have any waiver authority (such as during the recent pandemic) to waive all or some of the requirements.  Their "wiggle room" (because the Board is required to conduct random audits, by law) comes in the form of their reaction to those audits.  For 2020 CEUs, normal audits were conducted but nobody was penalized (they viewed the results of the audits as information).  A determination for an approach for 2021 CEUs has not been made at this time, so it's still best for you to meet or exceed the requirements (coincidentally, most of those audited in 2020 did meet and many exceeded the requirements and that information may weigh into the decision regarding 2021 CEUs).

OSBELTCA Approved Programs:

2022 Fall Food Show and Educational Seminars
Up to 3 CEUs offered by Tankersley Food Service at the Fort Smith Convention Center in Ft Smith, Arkansas
(55 South 7th St, Ft Smith, AR 72901)
Contact Jana Gardner - or 479-966-7027

Sessions 1 & 2 are Parts 1 and 2 of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative
Session 3 - The Great Resignation or the Glorious Return... Retaining Hospitality Workers and Controlling Costs in Troublesome Times
Approved by OSBELTCA on 9/21/2022 for up to 3 hours

NAB CE Database

Since the Board has presumptively approved NAB/NCERS approved CEUs, another great place to go look for CEUs is the NAB Database...

CE Registry Information

OSBELTCA accepts NAB/NCERS approved courses....
Predominantly, most of your courses will be NAB approved.

To get CE credit, you will need a NAB ID (they're free).

It's FREE through the NAB website (and we provide new licensees with instructions to get the ID in their package with the new license...).

Your NAB ID is also printed on your Annual/Wallet Licensure Card so you don't have to memorize it, but it usually starts with an "R" followed by a series of 7 digits...  

Last Modified on Sep 21, 2022