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THIS IS THE LINK that takes our licensees to the portal to update their address, employment, renew their license, etc.  You should either set THIS page or the one you go to following THIS LINK as a "favorite" or a bookmark to conduct your business with OSBELTCA as a licensee.

The link here is NOT FOR people who DO NOT YET have an Oklahoma LTC Administrators license already... THESE ARE FOR LICENSED ADMINISTRATORS (AND CERTIFIED ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATORS) ONLY....

Apparently, that bears repeating since we've had people NOT LICENSED go here and try to access the portal here... 

If you do NOT have an Oklahoma license,


Please go through the "Future Administrators" links (light blue button at the top of the page) to start an application or to activate YOUR account there...THIS portal only works for those with an Oklahoma LTCA license (or CAA certification) already...

If you're on your way to the portal to renew your license, we DO have a set of FAQs that address renewal questions (in case you need to reference it).  We have generic FAQs as well (in case you missed those).  

You can now (with a rule change...) get out of all the "harassing" or "nagging" notifications that we send...Go read the FAQs (where you can also find a "form" to let us know your intentions so it's documented and we can then remove you from all those notifications).   

Last Modified on Jul 20, 2023