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Access the Portal

We are at an "awkward moment" where we are between systems and we truly apologize for the inconvenience... our expectation is that the new system will be better for everyone and so we trust that the inconvenience will ultimately be worth the wait...

So, access to the old portal is currently being suspended (the link is gone) while we download the data from that system and populate the new system and prepare to stand up an improved (and easier to use) system.  You see, if we allowed you to access it while this procedure is occurring, there's a pretty good chance that anything you update during that download...well, it would probably be lost or splinched or telefragged or whatever term you understand best (and ultimately you'd have to do it over again anyway).  We are not 100% certain how long the link will be "down" but this is starting on Thursday, October 14th and we expect it may be back and running on Monday, October 18th (or soon thereafter if we run into a few more bugs on initial inspection of that system). 

If you're licensed and are here to update something such as your address or employment information, you have come to the right place...but not the right time because of our renovations of the system.  Please come back after the weekend!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING!

Last Modified on Oct 14, 2021