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Current Administrators


This is a GREAT place for you to start.  Save this page as a "favorite" or "bookmark."  

A lot of our pages look like this with "topics" identified and when you click on that topic you find a little more explanation and within that explanation a link.  So, you can click on any of the topics below and see the topic open up and locate the additional link(s) there to find what you're looking for easier.  The little arrows on the right side are a hint that there's "more" underneath that topic.

If you're qualified, we probably need your help and you'd probably like to give back to the profession... Go here to read more and learn how to become a Preceptor (and a better Administrator in the process).

We want to help you (and your AIT) to be successful.  Follow this link to see some help for yourself as a Preceptor (and for your AIT).

All of your CEUs need to be OSBELTCA approved... most of them are NAB/NCERS approved (meaning they're presumptively approved by OSBELTCA) but this page is where you will find the locally approved programs... CLICK HERE.

Coming Soon - we promise!  This will show you how to get into the new system and how to renew your license...

This is where you will go to get into the new system and later to renew your license annually... placeholder for now - CLICK HERE to go to the OLD system for now  til we get this information.

This is actually on the "Public Information" section but we put it here to help you all find it a little easier in case you need to look up someone for some reason.  That link will be here when we get the new system up.

Last Modified on Oct 11, 2021