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Current Administrators


This is a GREAT place for LICENSEES (and CAAs) to start.  Save this page as a "favorite" or "bookmark." It is NOT the right place for applicants to start... please go through the "Future Administrator" links until you have a license (or are certified). 

A lot of our pages look like this with "topics" identified and when you click on that topic you find a little more explanation and within that explanation a link.  So, you can click on any of the topics below and see the topic open up and locate the additional link(s) there to find what you're looking for easier.  The little arrows on the right side are a hint that there's "more" underneath that topic.

If you're qualified, we probably need your help and you'd probably like to give back to the profession... Go here to read more and learn how to become a Preceptor (and a better Administrator in the process).  There's even a "How To" video HERE that talks you through how to apply to be certified.  

We want to help you (and your AIT) to be successful.  Follow this link to see some help for yourself as a Preceptor (and for your AIT).

All of your CEUs need to be OSBELTCA approved... most of them are NAB/NCERS approved (meaning they're presumptively approved by OSBELTCA) but this page is where you will find the locally approved programs... CLICK HERE.

This is where LICENSEES (and CAAs) will initially go to get into the new system (to activate your account) and later to renew your license annually and update information online... Access the Portal here - this is NOT for Applicants - if you do NOT have a license, you're in the wrong place...

Before you go to RENEW YOUR LICENSE, you should FIRST watch THIS VIDEO that talks you through the process.  The window for renewals opens annually between November 1 and December 31.

You don't have to renew... AND you can avoid the MANY reminders (harassing emails, some might say...) you get TO renew by filling out THIS SIMPLE FORM * and emailing it to us to "waive" all those notifications (even after the license has lapsed).  We don't intend (or want) to be a pest or to nag you to renew... if you plan to NOT renew, sending us this form (email address is on the form) is the approved solution... it relieves our staff from making notifications and from the Board having to approve the vacating of the license and getting approval from the Attorney General's office for the vacating of the license.  It's a "win-win" for all of us if you take a minute to fill out this form (linked above) and send it to us.  

* The Link to this form (above) brings it up in a webpage format (that is "warped" due to some html formatting apparently...) but if you notice, there is a PDF file "downloaded" that you can click on and open in the lower left of your browser... THAT is the one you should complete (it's fillable online) and email to us.  Hope this helps...

You can change your mind and renew right up to midnight on 12/31... but after that, if you don't renew, your license will be vacated.  IF you decide to renew it prior to that, you should be able to.  If you decide after 12/31 (but before the first meeting of the year), you will not get instructions for what is required from us (if you changed your mind late, it would be best to call probably...).  After that first meeting, it's too late to renew.  If there's ANY chance that you're coming back to the profession, we always recommend keeping the license and updating your CE... it's a lot easier to KEEP the license than it is to re-apply (state test is usually if you've been out of the field too long...) and get a new one issued.  There are a lot of people who will tell you they wish they'd listened to that sage advice because they did come back to the, be 100% sure you're retiring or changing careers permanently or whatever the reason is you're moving on.  You can thank us for the advice later. 

You do NOT have to wait until the renewal cycle is open (typically November 1...) to "opt out" of renewing your license for next year... if you made the decision, you can do this at any time (after 8/15/2023 when this new rule goes into effect...) and we will remove you from the email notices entirely.  An active license will remain "active" until it expires at the end of the year.

We thank you, in advance, for using this form (linked above) to help us out and hope you appreciate not getting your inbox stuffed full of reminders, too.  

Go here for Licensee FAQs...

Go here for Applicant FAQs...Preceptors in particular might find this helpful in helping their AITs navigating the application process.

During renewals (or when trying to update something in the system), people who log in to the portal frequently run into a "Network Error" (the system either blatantly tells them that OR what it's doing is pretty clearly an error - like it won't let you do things that you probably should be able to do...sort of stalls out on you).  The "fix" for that initially (when it came up during renewals) was to tell people to change browsers (if using Chrome, try Firefox...or vice versa).  That worked... but that was only a band-aid for a bigger problem, the real issue).  The REAL PROBLEM is not in the system but on YOUR end - your browser has not been updated to the most current version and something about it is therefore clashing with the software in this system.  So, the long term ACTUAL fix is for you to update your browser (particularly if switching browsers doesn't work.  How do you do that?  We're not techies here so we'll just suggest that you Google "how to update ____" and enter "google chrome" or "firefox" to find some online help to do that.  That will likely fix your problem when you are using a currently updated browser.

So, it's actually required to update OSBELTCA when you move, change jobs, become AOR or are no longer the AOR, your phone number changes... THIS VIDEO actually talks you through "how" to do that in our system and doing so might save you a $75 late fee for not doing it timely (required within 15 calendar days).  We hope it's helpful.  

There are actually TWO PLACES to change your email address...this video talks you through this.
One is your "Personal Information" (like your phone number, or address) and you would change your email address there in "Personal Information" - this is the email that our system sends you notices (such as receipts when you renew...).  
The other is "Account Information" in that it's your USERNAME or LOGIN email and CAN BE  different from your personal or "Primary Email" address.  Most people will want them to be the same and changing one does NOT change both so you need to understand that you have to change it in both places...
This short video talks you through that with screen shots to show you where to do these things.

Please understand that we do NOT get any notices that you have changed your email address in either place... and we use the Primary (personal) Email address in our OTHER SYSTEM where we send out reminders en masse such as renewal reminders and letting everyone know when we have AU starting up next or when the next NAB Review Seminar is... so, if/when you change your personal email address, please drop an email to us to let us know what the know one is so we can update that other system with the most current information.  

AT THIS POINT, all of our licensed administrators HAVE "activated" their accounts... but we have left this here because we still have "previously licensed" people who were in the old system who occasionally come back and want to get the license again (they say "get their license back" but they're issued a new license...).  Anyway, they SHOULD come in the system this way, activating their OLD profile and updating it rather than "creating" a new profile.  So, we leave it here for those few (and getting to be fewer) former licensees.  

This was actually our first "How To" Video and it shows  HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT in the new system...

Once you've done that (this "activation" IS a one-time-only process...) you'll use the email address and password you created to login to the portal to do things such as renew your license, update your address, place of work, etc.  

TIP:  If during the activation process you DON'T get that temporary password sent to your email, 1) give it a few minutes (patience), 2) Check your spam or junk mail for it, and then 3) if all else fails, go on to the portal and use the "Forgot Password" option - that seems to work for most people who aren't getting that original email or can't find it.


Last Modified on Aug 21, 2023