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Oklahoma Pandemic Center for Innovation & Excellence

Oklahoma’s Frontline Defense in the Heart of Rural Oklahoma

An initiative of the State of Oklahoma, the OPCIE will be the first of its kind — a collaborative center that encompasses all areas of public health. The OPCIE will build partnerships between public and private entities to bridge the gap between laboratory and clinical practices and create improved public health responses incorporating the unique needs of rural, urban and tribal communities. Through this ONE HEALTH approach, the OPCIE will become a global leader in promoting and preserving public health.

One Health

  • Soil Quality and Health
  • Air Quality
  • Water Quality
  • Plant Health
  • Individual Health
  • Family Health
  • Community Health
  • Livestock Health
  • Wildlife Population Health
  • Food Safety and Security

An approach that recognizes that the health of people is closely connected to the health of animals and of our environment.

An Innovative Framework for Public Health

The center will provide administration of an improved and novel framework to address public health issues through a multifaceted, one health approach that is defined by three pillars. 

Public and Private Collaboration

The OPCIE will operate at the intersection of animal and human health, food safety, testing and pandemic preparedness. The center will address these issues by bringing together experts across scientific fields through public and private partnerships. Current partners include the Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab, Oklahoma State University, The University of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Blood Insititute, Thermo Fisher, Google, IBX, Inc. and more. As a result of the OPCIE, our ability to quickly mobilize state and global experts in a variety of areas will improve our public health capabilities and response exponentially.

Leveraging Existing Capabilities

The OPCIE will be located in the same building as the Public Health Lab in Stillwater, OK. As a largely rural and agricultural state, Oklahoma is uniquely positioned to capture the benefits of animal science insights as a tool to improve human public health. Choosing to relocate the Public Health Lab and establish the OPCIE in Stillwater will allow us to leverage this expertise while operating in partnership with existing infrastructure already being developed as we plan for the future of public health response globally.

Meeting Rural, Urban and Tribal Community Needs

The OPCIE will bridge the gap between laboratory and clinical practices and create improved public health responses incorporating the unique needs of urban, rural and tribal communities. The OPCIE will allow us to increase research and development capacity by leveraging the state’s Public Health Lab, Oklahoma State University’s expertise in agriculture, human and animal medicine, University of Oklahoma’s expertise in human medicine, private sector research and development and commercial relationships. 

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