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If you applied for or received your initial OMMA business license before August 30, 2019, and your renewal application has been rejected for failure to meet the 2-year/5-year residency requirements, please submit your application. 

New Licensing Software Is Here

CLICK HERE to visit the new portal. If you already had an account prior to Jan. 10, you need to wait for your validation email before you can log into Thentia. If you haven’t received the email by Wednesday, Jan. 26, contact our call center at 405-522-6662.

The OMMA has launched a new licensing software, Thentia.

We’re now accepting patient and business renewals and new applications in the new system.

  • If you completed and submitted to OMMA a pending application in the old system, we’re reviewing it.
  • If your application in the old system was incomplete and not submitted to OMMA, the information was lost and will not migrate to the new system. You'll need to start over in the new system.

Data from current licensees and completed applications migrated to the new licensing portal.

Please note:

If your contact information in the old system wasn't current as of Friday, Jan. 7, you need to update it with OMMA.

New Features List

We're excited to provide licensees with a more user-friendly system. We believe this new software will help prevent application delays, as well. Read below for additional new features you can enjoy. 

  • A more user-friendly portal. You will be able to find information more quickly in the new system.
  • Licensees are able to update their own contact information.
  • Wait times are reduced thanks to the design of both the applicant and regulator portals.
  • Once a commercial license has been approved, the business will be the one to print their license certificate.
  • The transporter agent licenses associated with a commercial license will no longer deactivate automatically once the renewal application has been submitted.

Transition Q&A

Business Complaints

Check your spam/promotions folder to see if you already got an email with login details.   

If you haven't yet received an email, be on the lookout for one from We created a workaround for an issue affecting mainly Yahoo! email domains that hadn't yet received the link.

Please only log in to the new portal for the first time using the email from OMMA to be sure your licensing data transfers correctly. Creating a new account and asking to merge it with the old account will create processing delays.

First, we recommend logging out and then logging back in. If that didn't work, wait a while and try again. Your information should eventually show up. The new vendor, Thentia, is aware of this problem and is working to fix it. We're sorry for the delay, but appreciate your patience as this issue gets resolved.

Click here to visit the new portal. We also have a link to the new portal on the OMMA homepage at, or you can use the buttons and navigation menu options for patients, businesses and more and find it there.

Everything that was in the old portal on Jan. 10 will be in the new portal as of Jan. 26. If your contact information was current, you should get an email by Jan. 26 from or with your new login details. If you don’t get one by Jan. 26, call us at 405-522-6662 to update your contact information.

Yes. All licenses with an expiration date of Jan. 10-24 are considered valid through Jan. 31.

Yes. All licenses with an expiration date of Jan. 10-24 are considered valid through Jan. 31.

Yes. All physician recommendation forms that expire Jan. 10-24 are considered valid if submitted with a completed application by Jan. 31.

Yes. Businesses with a deadline from Jan. 10-24 to re-submit a rejected application have through Jan. 31 to try again.

The fastest way to transition to our improved licensing portal was to migrate all the licensing data at once, and the only way to do that was to stop processing applications for a week. The second week was a delay after OMMA discovered a problem with the data migration at the last minute, so the process had to start over. We tried to limit the effects on patients by processing every pending patient license before the transition and extending expiration dates for existing licenses during the transition.

OMMA worked closely with both software companies, as well as Oklahoma Management and Enterprise Services (OMES), to ensure a safe data transfer during the transition period.

We made the decision to switch to a new licensing software provider for several reasons. Many of the agencies we work closely with also use Thentia. Switching to Thentia will make information sharing between us and the other agencies more efficient. Additionally, Thentia offers a more user-friendly interface and provides more customization within the application portals to help reduce license processing times.

Yes. Below are how-to videos for each application category.

We will meet the 14-day statutory requirement to process applications. We expect to process applications much more quickly than that. There will probably be a high number of applications for a while when the new portal launches, but before the transition period, OMMA was processing patient license applications on the same day they were received.

If you started an application but did not submit it before the old system went down, your documents and application progress did not transfer to the new software. You'll need to start over in the new system.

If you submitted a pending application in the old system, expect a delay in receiving the approval, rejection or denial notification. The regulator side of our licensing system was down during the transition period, so license processors were unable to review your application during that time.

Despite these delays, we do not anticipate processing times will approach the 14-business day mandate for patient licensing or the 90-business day mandate for commercial licensing.

No. Details from applications that were completed and submitted, but rejected, will migrate to the new portal.

Information provided in previously submitted applications will be included in the large data migration. You should be able to view all the information that was in Complia (the old system) when you log into Thentia (the new one).

Once the renewal or new application has been approved, commercial licensees are able to print their own license certificate.

The OMMA will continue to mail licenses to patients and caregivers.

Our state laws require patients to use OMMA-printed licenses to legally buy and possess medical marijuana products. In the long term, we’re working toward a digital license that could possibly be available to patients as soon as a license is approved.

Look for an email from or by Jan. 26 with your new login details. Then log in to the new portal, and use the navigation menu under “Licensing” to select “Request a Replacement Card.” If you don’t get an email with your new login details by Jan. 26, call us at 405-522-6662 to update your contact information.

Thentia Application Demo Videos

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