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If you applied for or received your intial OMMA business license before August 30, 2019, and your renewal application has been rejected for failure to meet the 2-year/5-year residency requirements, please submit your application. 

Possible Scam Calls

Thursday, October 22, 2020

It has been reported that phony calls are being made to OMMA businesses by someone claiming to be with the OMMA and the federal government. Please be aware that any official calls from OMMA staff are made from a number with a 405 area code. To confirm their identity as an OMMA representative, you may ask that a caller send you an e-mail from their state e-mail address before you provide them with any information, as all OMMA e-mails come from a address. 

We are not currently scheduling any individual appointments related to our seed-to-sale system with our licensees, and our staff does not make phone calls on behalf of the federal government. Any representation that we are doing so strongly indicates you are receiving a spam call.


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