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Food Safety Standards Board to Hold First Meeting

Monday, August 13, 2018

The Food Safety Standards Board established to create food safety standards for processing and handling medical marijuana in Oklahoma will hold meetings on Tuesday, August 14 and Wednesday, August 15. Due to limited seating space in the meeting room, the meetings will be streamed live at to accommodate public viewing and access. The agenda for the meetings is posted below:

Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Food Safety Standards Board Meeting
August 14, 2018 9:00am – 5:00pm & August 15, 2018 8:00am – 5:00pm

Meeting Agenda

Day 1 – Tuesday, August 14, 2018; 9am – 5pm

  1. Call to Order, Welcome & Introductions
  2. Purpose & Charge of Board per State Question 788
    • Discussion & Questions
  3. Overview of Existing Oklahoma Statutes and OSDH Rules regarding Food  Safety
  4.  Overview of FOCUS - Qualitative Overview (Attachment A)
    • Industry, Other State, Other Country relevant experiences
    • Determination of applicability of available FOCUS Standards Core Areas
    • Discussion & Questions
  5. Overview of FOCUS Infused Product Standards (Attachment B)
    • Discussion & Questions
  6. Overview of other core areas standards C)
    • Discussion & Questions
  7. Day 1 Wrap Up
    • Outstanding Questions
    • Follow Up Activities
  8. Call for Recess

Day 2 – Wednesday, August 15, 2018; 8am – 5pm

  1. Call to Order, Welcome
  2. Review and Discussion of Questions
  3. Discussion of food safety standards
    • Identification of those Applicable to Oklahoma
    • Prioritization of Applicable Standards
  4.  Development of plan to establish food safety standards recommendations
    • Timeframes
    • Action Plans and Assignments
  5. Day 2 Wrap Up
    • Outstanding Questions
    • Follow Up Activities
  6. Establishment of Future Meeting Schedule
    • Discussion & Questions
  7. Closing, Adjournment & Dismissal


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