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If you applied for or received your intial OMMA business license before August 30, 2019, and your renewal application has been rejected for failure to meet the 2-year/5-year residency requirements, please submit your application. 

Compliance Information

Processor Inspection Forms

Grower Inspection Forms

Dispensary Inspection Forms

Business Complaints

If you wish to file a complaint against a medical marijuana business, please complete the OMMA Business Complaint Form below. Please make sure to provide as much detail as possible. Complaints will be investigated in the order in which they are received, unless the complaint presents a threat to public health and safety.

Certificate of Compliance

 Starting August 30, 2019 all business applicants will be required to submit a PDF icon Certificate of Compliance from the political subdivision that has jurisdiction where the business is located (usually a city or county). Businesses located within Oklahoma City may submit the Certificate of Compliance provided by Oklahoma City. Businesses are encouraged to contact their city or county for more information on this process before submitting their application.

Food Licensing: Information for Dispensaries and Processors

Dispensaries and processors licensed by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) are required to obtain a food license if they produce or sell any edible medical marijuana products. This license is not obtained through OMMA . .For information on how to obtain your food license, please review the PDF icon Food Licensing Fact Sheet  or visit: .

Medical Marijuana Advisory Council

Governor Fallin signed the Food Safety Standards Board rules on December 20, 2018. These added rules within 310:681-5-8.1. Food Safety Standards for Processors, which are available at the link below. To view the full emergency rules, please visit the “Rules and Regulations” page.

On November 1, 2021, the Food Safety Standards Board became the Medical Marijuana Advisory Council. For more information about the Board, please visit the “Medical Marijuana Advisory Council” page.

Labeling & Packaging Guide

An updated Labeling & Packaging guide is under construction.

Testing Process

All medical marijuana and medical marijuana products must be tested.

Monthly Reporting

Commercial licensees are required to begin submitting monthly reports to OMMA beginning the month in which they were licensed and every month thereafter, even if the business has not yet opened. Monthly reports are due on the 15th of each month for the month prior. For example, reporting data for August 1-31 should be submitted by September 15th.


We can only access and use the data we receive through the monthly reporting template. If you have submitted a monthly report using a different tracking system, you will need to resubmit using the form below.

To gain access to the report, you must enter your OMMA License Number (capital letters and hyphens included) and your Application ID. The Application ID can be found in your license approval email; Your application reference number is…”

Monthly reporting templates are subject to change, so please check the OMMA website regularly. As stated in OAC 310:681-5-6.1(a), failure to submit a monthly report and correct this deficiency within 30 days of written notice from OMMA are subject to a fine of $500.00. Please reference OAC 310:681-5-6(a) in the emergency rules for more information. All questions regarding monthly reporting should be directed to

Additional Licensure Requirements

Department of Agriculture Licensing

Commercial licensees may be required to obtain a nursery grower and/or dealer license from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. Please visit the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture website for more information regarding the requirements and process for submitting applications.

Sales Tax Permits

Sales tax permits must be obtained before OMMA issues a commercial entity license. Please note that dispensaries will be required to report two sources of tax to the Oklahoma Tax Commission:  sales tax and the 7% gross receipts tax. For more information, visit the Oklahoma Tax Commission website or call (405) 521-3160.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control (OBNDD) Registration

Grower, Processor, and Dispensary applicants must register with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control (OBNDD) after receiving a license from OMMA. See 63 O.S. §§ 2-101 & 2-302. This is required by law before any medical marijuana or medical marijuana products are present at the business. See OAC 475:10-1-9(a).

  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) registration is not required for OBNDD registration.
  • Growers and Processors should register with OBNDD under the “Manufacturer” category.*
  • Dispensaries should register with OBNDD under the “Distributor” category.*
  • Individual patients growing for personal use are not required to register. Registration is required by the name of a business, not by the name of the owner.
  • All OMMA testing labs are required to have an OBN registration.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Businesses with multiple licenses at multiple sites and/or multiple license types should contact OBNDD to determine the correct registration process. Depending on the specific situation of the business, the necessary registration type may differ from what is noted above.

For more information, contact the OBNDD registration department at (405) 521-2885 or visit the OBNDD Registration Website.

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