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Risk Management

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Risk Management administers Oklahoma’s self-insurance programs and commercial insurance programs, with the exception of state employees group insurance, and strives to reduce costs associated with insurance and losses.

Operating under 74 O.S., § 85.58A, Risk Management is responsible for administering on behalf of all state entities and some non-state entities, as allowed by statute: property and casualty self-insurance including workers’ compensation coverage for state entities only and other insurance programs, loss prevention (safety) and loss control programs designed to eliminate losses and reduce costs, and cost allocation systems designed to effectively support its objective of reducing costs by establishing accountability and responsibility throughout all State entities. Risk Management’s client base includes: all state agencies including higher education, rural fire districts, motor license agents, foster care parents and conservation districts.

In cooperation with an insurance broker and consultant as well as OMES Central Purchasing, Risk Management purchases necessary insurance coverage through a competitive process providing the state and other entities the most comprehensive insurance coverage available to it and at competitive prices. Among insured programs are: commercial property, out-of-state liability, director’s and officer’s errors and omissions liability, employment practices liability, foreign liability, aviation, and other miscellaneous lines of coverage, as well as various property and vehicle programs for statutorily allowed non-state entities. Risk Management administers several self-insurance programs including tort liability, business vehicle liability and workers' compensation for state entities only..

To achieve its goals, Risk Management works with insurance consultants, insurance underwriters, insurance company engineers, OMES Construction and Properties department, the State Fire Marshal’s Office, the attorney general’s office, all state agencies, outside corporations and businesses, and other states to develop, implement, and maintain comprehensive and effective Risk Management programs throughout all entities participating in its programs. Communications being paramount to this effort, Risk Management provides educational seminars in the risk management process. Among the seminars offered are "Risk Management Overview," "Risk Identification and Assessment," "Risk Control," "Incident and Accident Investigation," "Claims Management" and "Risk Financing." Through its partnerships, Risk Management regularly reviews and improves programs by using internal and external benchmarking with the intent to create, adopt and implement programs meeting and exceeding national best practices.


Protect the assets of the State of Oklahoma and political subdivisions through effective programs in risk management including self-insurance and insurance programs for property and liability.


  • To provide risk management services to all state entities and other entities provided by law.
  • To stabilize and lower insurance cost for the State of Oklahoma.
  • To manage the Risk Management Department's budget efficiently.
  • To have Total Continuous Improvement (TCI) in the Risk Management Department processes.
  • To provide opportunities for personal growth for all staff members of the Risk Management Department.

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Office of Management and Enterprise Services
Risk Management Department
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Office of Management and Enterprise Services
Risk Management Department
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