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Central Accounting & Reporting

OMES’ division of Central Accounting and Reporting, directed by the state comptroller, is responsible for establishing the policies and procedures for state financial transactions and for executing those transactions in accordance with the various state statutes, federal regulations and governmental accounting and reporting standards.

Agency Business Services

Offers agencies a cost-effective means of processing financial transactions in a shared services environment.  ABS contracts with state agencies to provide financial services such as budgeting, procurement, accounts payable, reconciling and reporting.

Statewide Accounting Unit

Maintains the state central accounting system in compliance with budgetary and financial laws and regulations.  This unit processes journal entries to the state general ledger for statewide transactions, reviews agency special account reconciliations, processes cash allocations to agencies and is responsible for centralized payroll tax and withholding payments and reporting and issuance of year-end tax forms, such as Forms W-2 and 1099.

Financial Reporting Unit

Prepares the State of Oklahoma Comprehensive Annual Financial Report as required by state law. The CAFR is used in analysis and decision-making by state management, creditors and others. This unit also maintains reporting information for all agencies, funds and component units included in the state reporting entity, and prepares the annual Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards.

PeopleSoft Support and Implementation

Provides support to agencies related to the state central accounting system including the rollout of various accounting system modules, testing, upgrades and compliance.

Payroll/HR Shared Services

Offers human resources and payroll processing services to agencies on a contract basis.

Transaction Processing

This group is the final step in processing a transaction through the state accounting system.  Claims go through budget and cash controls and a series of edits to establish reasonable assurance of compliance with state laws and regulations.  All travel claims are reviewed before claims are certified to the state treasurer for payment. This group provides oversight and assistance related to the accounts payable system and also includes the statewide administration of the P-card program.

Vendor Registration

Provides vendor registration support services to Oklahoma state agencies and their payees. Maintains the state vendor file and supports the state online vendor registration system used by vendors to register and meet statutory requirements for state agency procurement and payment activities.



OMES CAR Administrative Support
2401 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Suite 226
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: 405-522-5577 
Fax: 405-522-2186

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