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L&D Team

Descending from a long line of educators, you could say Sophie's future was always her destiny. Nevertheless, let's start from the beginning: Sophie Preston is a United Kingdom citizen and a resident of the USA. She began her adult life with an English teaching degree and the innate ability to teach. Instead of listening to the universe, however, she pursued a career in law enforcement, as you do.

When Sophie is not directing a team of learning and development individuals (who in multiple capacities serve all of OMES and the state's 28,000 employees), she is growing her side-hustle, Intentional Werks.

Years in Public Service: 12+


  • MBTI
  • 5 Voices
  • Radical Candor
  • Public Speaking
  • Optimizing Team Performance
  • Intentional Leadership
  • Program Development
  • Executive Coaching

Christina is a leader, mentor, coach, keynote speaker, and all-around  hype-woman who values innovation, humor, trust, and integrity. Once a recipient of the Mayor's Development Award and named a Susan G. Komen Public Policy Ambassador, Christina brings over 13 years of non-profit executive management and public service to life in her current position at OMES. She has developed an agency-wide training program (ASCEND) and leads a team of facilitators and training staff.

Want to watch an introvert shine? Just ask Christina what trends or obstacles she sees on the horizon for you and your team's development.


  • Program & Organizational Development
  • Performance Management
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • High-Performance Teams
  • Leadership Development


  • Master of Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Alexus Coleman is a dynamic HR Practitioner who has recently transitioned to Learning and Development by joining the OMES Training Team. Alexus has naturally gravitated to helping people be the best versions of themselves throughout her life, and this remains true in her career and this role. Her mission in this role is to help individuals and agencies reach their full potential. She will do that by utilizing her skills obtained throughout her professional and educational career.


  • Relationship Management
  • Employee Development
  • Performance Management
  • Policy Review & Implementation


  • Master of Human Relations
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management and Marketing

Chrystal has over 15 years of experience promoting and advocating for health and well-being in various roles both in the public and private sectors. You may know her from when she served as a Wellness Coordinator for the State's Employee Wellness Program, Thrive. During her five years at Thrive, she designed and implemented health and wellness opportunities for state employees.

In her current role in OMES, she creates, develops, and facilitates a broad spectrum of learning opportunities!

Chrystal's passion and advocacy of health, well-being, personal and professional development have led her to one of the most critical roles in her life, an adoptive parent to four remarkable children!


  • Employee Well-being
  • Burnout
  • Resiliency
  • Science of Hope


  • Master of Public Health in Health Promotion Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science

Janet Jones has a proper balance of love for logic, due diligence, people, and purpose. You can find Janet pouring into the coordination of the Certified Public Manager program (of which she is an alumnus) while delivering top-of-the-range customer service.

Janet is a mother to three and, in her spare time, finds joy delivering nuggets of wisdom in her podcast “Talking P’s with Ms. J.”

Janet has multiple academic achievements that include membership in the National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society, and the Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement Honor Society.

Years in Public Service: 22


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Before coming to OMES in 2017, Kyle served as the Training and Information Specialist for the College of Education and Professional Studies at the University of Central Oklahoma for nine years.

Kyle also holds certifications in Applications of Educational Research and Evaluation, DiSC facilitation and Project Management.

The two loves of his life are his miniature schnauzers and, of course, his spouse.

Years in State Service: 14


  • Master of Education - University of Central Oklahoma
  • Bachelor in Business Administration, Human Resources - University of Oklahoma

Madalyn is an industrial/organizational psychology professional with a passion for developing engaging and exciting content that will spark a desire for knowledge and continual growth in Oklahomans. She strives to innovate with every course she creates - from the content shared to the course structure and delivery methods.

She relocated from Florida and joined the state in June of 2021. She believes there is always room for improvement, not settling with “good enough.”  Her motto is “happy, never satisfied.”


  • Instructional Design
  • Organizational Development
  • Group Dynamics
  • Human Resources


  • Master of Instructional/Organizational Psychology 
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Adaptability and spontaneity come together to create an approachable, engaging and inspirational communicator. Former pastor, current training facilitator, future superstar, Tasha Salinas’ altruistic spirit and friendly empathetic disposition affords her influence that stretches far and wide. 

Tasha currently oversees the OMES Onboarding experience, introducing new employees to the great culture at our agency. She has received stellar reviews, ratings and feedback, leaving an indelible mark on each individual. As a dynamic facilitator, when not rolling out the red carpet for new employees, Tasha pours herself into facilitating many of the other training opportunities offered by the learning department.


  • Customer Service
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Volunteer Management
  • GiANT Catalyst

Yuehui Xie is a creator, problem-solver, and designer. Yuehui has a bachelor's degree in Finance and French and a master's degree in Instructional Design & Technology (M.Ed.) from the University of Oklahoma. 

In the past two years, he served as a Research Assistant with the University of Oklahoma and as an Instructional Designer intern at the Office of Digital Learning. Yuehui has a unique vision of innovation and technology. He is passionate about integrating innovative tools to help learners reach better learning outcomes, and he is dedicated to delivering high-quality services.


  • Master of Instructional Design & Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance & French

Zack finds humor in the mundane; puns and wordplay motivate him to be quick-witted with retorts. If you enjoy the podcast Comedy Bang Bang, then Zack likely thinks you have a great sense of humor. He spends the vast majority of his free time listening to this podcast.

When Zack is not keeping OMES' internal training team on time and budget, he enjoys arguing for argument's sake; the form of the argument is the exciting part! Are you a Pioneer foundation voice? Find him if you need someone to challenge an idea.  

Thinking he's in a real-life musical, Zack can often be found singing at his desk or while he's walking around the building. You should join in when you see him!

Years in State Service: 11+


  • VBA in Excel
  • Record Retention
  • Data Ealuation


  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
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