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Ready to Adopt LEARN as Your Agency's LMS?

Oracle LEARN brings the efficiency of online learning and training management to the entire State of Oklahoma. Read on to learn how this system can help your agency advance your employee development efforts. If you would like to schedule a consultation, contact the training team.

Learn Centers and Agency Groups

Oracle LEARN provides the opportunity for agencies with broad training needs to set up their own Learn Center. A Learn Center is a stand-alone learning environment for agency training that can be customized. Only agencies that can dedicate the resources to building and administrating their own system will meet the requirements for a Learn Center. For more information on Learn Centers, view the Learn Center Criteria document.

Most agencies will have their own group in the State of Oklahoma Learn Center to house agency-specific training. Agency groups will have access to all system functionality, but will not have a customized look and feel. 

Oracle Learn Go-Live and ELM Phase Out

LEARN went live on August 20, 2018. All state employees with Peoplesoft accounts will automatically have accounts in LEARN. They will need to access LEARN to enroll in HCM courses. However, agencies can set their own pace for implementing LEARN for internal training.

ELM will remain available for several months and will then revert to a “read-only” mode. Data in ELM will be available for a period of approximately 5 years. 

Employee and Supervisor Training

Training resources are now available. These are short, video-based tutorials and job aids on how to sign into the system, enroll in classes, access a transcript and manage employee learning from the supervisor level. This training is designed to allow employees and supervisors to access step-by-step instructions from their desks whenever the information is needed. Manuals are also provided.

Peoplesoft Data CleanUp

All employee data in LEARN comes directly from PeopleSoft. It is critical that agencies act now to ensure their PeopleSoft data is accurate and complete. Incomplete or incorrect data in LEARN could lead to employees being unable to enroll in HCM or other centralized courses.

Email Addresses

Oracle LEARN requires that users have an email address. All notifications and message about training will be send to the employee’s listed email address. Incorrect or incomplete data could result in an employee not being notified of class information changes, assignments being missed or other important notifications.

Reports To Structure

Oracle LEARN relies on the PeopleSoft reports to field for all supervisor interactions within the system. All HCM classes will be set to require supervisor approval to enroll. Currently, any incomplete data in PeopleSoft will default to the employee’s own information. However, incorrect data could mean employees are unable to enroll.

HCM Training and Development Classes

The HCM course schedule will be available on August 20a quarterly basis and enrollment will done through LEARN. All employees will access LEARN using their employee IDs and a temporary password provided to them. Because employees will be enrolling themselves in classes, nominating officials will no longer be needed to enroll participants.

Help and Support

Oracle LEARN will be supported by OMES in a variety of ways. In addition to help desk support for learners and supervisors, OMES HCM will provide support to administrators. Shared Services will also support their agencies using LEARN. Agencies with their own Learn Center will provide primary support through a learning administrator. If your agency needs any support during the transition, please don’t hesitate to contact the training team.



If you have any accessibility accommodations, please email Statewide Learning Services.  

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