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LEARN Administrator Access

Agencies who participate in the State of Oklahoma LEARN Center are required to have a Group Administrator on staff. A Group Administrator will have access to enroll employees, run reports and view transcripts for the agency.

Agencies who choose to have their own LEARN Center will need to have a dedicated Learning Administrator on staff who will maintain the entire agency site. This includes designing the Learn Center, setting up widgets and managing all learning objects.

Security Process

To obtain administrator access, an employee must first fill out the 304 LEARN form. This form must be completed by the designated Agency Security Representative (ASR) and the document must be sent to from the ASR’s inbox to verify signature. You can also reach out to to find out how your ASR is.

Once the form has been processed, the employee will be eligible to enroll in LEARN Administrator Training, offered at least once a month in Oklahoma City. We are also developing online training options to make this training more accessible.

For LEARN administrator training, please contact Janet Jones, training coordinator, for dates and times.



If you have any accessibility accommodations, please email Statewide Learning Services.  

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