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Oklahoma IT Strategic Plan

A five-year information technology strategic plan was created to focus on government employees, citizens and technology innovation in Oklahoma.

Current technology expectations require Oklahoma government agencies to be ready to deliver and receive digital information and services anytime, anywhere and on any device. It must do so safely, securely and with fewer resources. Thus, Oklahoma has developed a digital strategy that embraces the opportunity to innovate more with less and enables entrepreneurs to better leverage government data to improve the quality of services to Oklahomans and develop a Digital Oklahoma.

Oklahoma IT Strategic Plan

The 2017-2021 IT strategic plan for Oklahoma provides a guide and one-page roadmap of where technology in Oklahoma’s state government is headed and how it is transforming to meet the growing citizen and business needs of our state.

Oklahoma is rapidly changing in economic, demographic and technological areas,” noted CIO Bo Reese. “This plan will help Oklahoma continue to work together and collaborate on improving citizen services and our missions to provide those services with technology at the forefront.”

Oklahoma’s technology discussion is beginning to shift to IT investments and delivering business value. The strategic plan establishes a framework for improvement that includes identifying and sharing best practices; aligning technology governance and strategies to agency missions and business roadmaps; and improving network capability to rural areas, all while continuing our efforts to secure citizen data, our state’s biggest asset.

“We have spent our efforts unifying IT over the past six years, finding efficiencies, getting rid of duplication and improving cybersecurity,” said Reese. “Let’s look to the future and see technology as a strategic investment.”

The roadmap focuses on three channels: citizen, public sector employee and innovation.

  • Citizen: This channel focuses on the experience citizens have with state government through technology from smart phones to citizen data.
  • Public Sector Employee: This channel focuses on the needs of our public sector employees and technology use to improve delivery of services and business processes.
  • Innovation: This channel outlines innovation technology initiatives for both citizens and private sector employees such as unmanned aerial vehicles, internet of things and blockchains.

Learn more about the Oklahoma IT Strategic Plan.

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